Posted over 8 years ago

Arizona Online Tax Lien Auctions - What you should be doing today

The 2014 online tax lien auctions for most of Arizona counties are about to open. For the online auctions, you should be confirming or opening your account on the tax lien auction website.

You don't want any issues with the account being open when the lists are released. By opening the accounts today, you leave ample time for "glitches" that need to be rectified before the auction opens.

"Glitches" like

- Getting your W-9 filled in on the website.

- Your correct bank account information in your bidding account (or corrected from last year if it changed).

- Having all account information loaded so that you can log in at anytime

Next on the list after making sure you bidding account is ready; determining the strategy for your investments. The amount you want to invest. They types of properties on which you want to obtain liens. The areas of the county you are interested in investing. Parcel numbers for those areas you want to invest.