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So this will be part updating and part ranting.

So if you've read my previous post located here you will see I THOUGHT I had it made and was setting myself up for success. 

So far NOTHING!!!! (I know that's MikeOH style typing, just bare with me)

In that last post, you will notice a Realtors name, Apparently that Realtors phone is broke because when she says she'll call you back, she never does! 

Apparently when you spend about $300 for a months straight of newspaper ads, they 'forget' to print it. 

The only good thing is that OZ still writes for me and he's doing an amazing job! I'm showing up literally within top 5 of most of the keywords I was going after. He really does a great job. 

The bandit signs are not working for me either. I am paying my uncle $1 per sign to put them out, I know he's doing it because I can see hits on my site from google analytics so I know people are viewing my site. I'm going to have someone go through my site and tell me how I can get more 'calls to action' out of it to capture more leads because so far NONE! 

So, back to the drawing board for now, this may prove a tad bit harder than expected. I'll continue to press forward knowing that I will eventually get what I'm after. 

So here's my rant, this is directed towards Realtors. If this offends you then I'll assume you're the exact type of agent that gets on my nerves, if my rant doesn't offend you then you as an agent and probably fellow investor know exactly what I'm talking about! 


Dear Agents of Joplin Missouri, mainly of the 2 big broker houses, Charles Burt and Pro100. 

When an investor calls and emails you telling you that I have cash and want to buy as many houses as I can get my hands on. That I will buy 'subject to' and all cash depending on how good the deal is. CALL HIM BACK!!

When you do call him back and he tells you excatly how he buys 'subject to' and tells you that he will also buy CASH as well for the deals that are good but 'subject to' isn't a good option and you get all excited that you have some investor informing you that he WILL BUY ALL CASH and ALL 'SUBJECT TO' properties. Do yourself a favor and CALL HIM BACK or at least email him, ANYTHING! 

I was recently watching a new show that was brought to my attention from James in FL called 'Shark Tank' and one of the sharks was saying that he gets insulted because he has money he's trying to spend and invest with but the people were not bringing him good opportunities to invest in. I felt the same way. Insulted that I'm telling agents to send me their own listings if they want, I'll buy all their listings. 

I'm not asking to waste hours of your day or weekends showing me properties that I'll never buy. I'm telling you that I will buy. Here's what I want and lets do some deals! 

What do I want you say? maybe I'm being to particular that nothing fits what I'm looking for you say?

Here's what I tell them. I will buy all 1/1, 2/1 and 3/1 houses. I will buy duplexes and triplexes and guess what, even 4-plexes. 

I will buy them at 70% minus repair cash or if the seller is willing to sell 'subject to' I will also seriously consider. I will close as soon as title and an inspection(mainly termites, foundation and roofing are my main concerns) are complete. 

Whats amazing is the realtor that you see in the last post had sent me some of her own listings which I'm completely ok with, I don't consider that shameless, I consider that smart! get your listings sold with me. I called her to tell her which ones I'll buy and she says she's busy at the moment and will call me back. It's been a week now. I'm not calling her back! I'm not chasing her down to make her money! If she wants a commission then learn to dial for dollars lady and call me back. 

Now I've got what I'm hoping is a much better agent. She has sent me a property, again it's her own listing which I'm completely ok with, she says the seller is motivated and it's listed for only $15k. Great! if the seller is motivated then I'll obviously get a discount, but I WILL BUY! 

I sent the agent a response this morning telling her I am interested and this one I'll just buy cash(I'll sell it owner financing instead of renting) and get back to me asap to get moving on it. I've heard NOTHING all day! 

So for those of you agents that are here on BP and feel I have hard feelings towards agents and I'm always bashing on them, YOU ARE RIGHT and you can see exactly why! This has nothing to do with me being a jerk on the phone to them. I am actually very very very nice and those that know me and have spoken to me on the phone know that. 

I've offered these agents visit biggerpockets to come and check me out, I've challenged them to openly ask about me in the forums. I want them to know up front that I'm legit and serious and yet I still get no love. 

So that is my update. I still have no houses in Joplin, Missouri and I have money to spend. I'm even closign on some great short sales soon that I can add to the collection of money to spend and yet no one wants my money. 

Hopefully next week I'll have some good new for you guys, as for now, I'm chalking this weeks failures to the fact that I'm blogging about it. For some reason I have bad luck when I do that so maybe I'll just stop blogging all together. 

Thanks for reading


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  1. Hello,im purchasing a house that is appraised at 24,000 and i owe 2,500. My question is, If you would be able to pay the 2,500 balance due if we agreed on an offer.

  2. Nick, did you ever get anything going in Joplin?

  3. I'm a real estate agent for Coldwell Banker JIm Bishop & Assoc. in Pittsburg, KS, just 30 miles away from Joplin. I shop for these same deals myself on a daily basis. I'm not currently licensed in MO but if you're interested in considering my area I promise you I answer/return my calls. I may be getting my MO license in the near future, I have been given the opportunity to hang my MO license with Weichert Realtors. I find more deals than I can do over here. I not only shop the MLS I also drive the town for vacants, search county records and investigate Crawford County tax sale properties. I make deals with my clients for my compensation when I find them unlisted properties. Call Coldwell Banker Jim Bishop & Assoc. at 620-231-4370 and ask for Tyler if you're interested.

  4. So I got a call today. This seller was following up with me b/c a while back he submitted his info on my property submission form and I never called him. After speaking with him for 3 mins I quickly realized why I never called him back. He's in the country and NOT motivated to sell and is wanting to sell for what 'he put into' the house which so happens to be at FMV. that call quickly ended LOL!!!!

  5. No judgement at all. I understand that we're shooting for the same goal, we just are doing it differently. Norm, that's exactly what those agents should be doing, and I personally set my "Investors" up on an outimated email search to find some of those deals out there as well. I am happy to put in the search time and do some of the due dilligence to find what I can find on the market. Where some of us get frustrated is just in the whole term "deal." What's a deal to some may not be for others and if an Investor isn't clear on what the "deal" is, then it becomes non productive for both parties. Nick, to give another insight, there are a lot of real estate trainers that will advise agents to NOT work with Investors at all and that may be why you aren't getting the callbacks. The other side of the coin to think about is that there are a lot of Realtors that won't work below a price point, neighborhood, etc. (with some of the crap I show and list, I am not one of those agents) and they think they're "above" that sort of work. I've found that the agents in our market that are having the most success with investors are those agents that HAVE a lot of properties and know what's going on, or a somewhat younger more hungry agent that will be willing to work harder because they have no image to keep up. Remember that for a lot of agents, they feel that their image is more important than the number of transactions they do. Ok, newbie question, and since I've been the butt of a few jokes I have no quams with asking the question of what a "Subject 2" deal is? I tried to look at Nick's site, but it's not up. Help a brotha out!

  6. So listen everyone. I chatted with Rob via pm and as expected he was just having a bad day. It turns out he's actually pretty cool. I deleted his posts so that he didn't get a bad rap on BP right from the start as him and I went back and forth. If you don't like that I did that, then whine to someone who cares LOL!!! Thanks though to everyone who's commented and read the post though.

  7. Nothing wrong with it at all Jon, I've got no problem showing the agents anything they want to prove that I'm real, like yourself, I'm totally cool with that too. I just can't get some of them to call me back that's all LOL!!! which sucks b/c she did have a listing that I liked right away. Oh well, there is always another deal around the corner. and to add to that Norm, especially when he invites to you a prominent site like BP to ask around about me, check me out and do some due diligence on him as an investor to make sure that I won't waste your time as an agent. I tell them to do that, I tell them I have no intentions on wasting their time and only want to make some profits and build a great relationship with them. As for Rob, I'm sure he just got all defensive and wanted to make a stand. I'm pm'd him and he also sent me a colleague request. I'm sure he's a nice guy and I won't post-judge him based on his remarks in the comments. He's probably a cool guy and maybe he just found my ranting and raving at the wrong time and it lit a fire in him or something. Either way the truth be told is that there are some amazing agents out there and I have been fortunate enough to work with some of them, the other ones just lose out on commissions I guess LOL!!!

  8. In sales, we qualify our prospects. If we are buying, we do due diligence on vendors we are considering. Is there anything wrong with the agent asking the investor for POF, or at least showing how they will close deals? As an investor, I'm fine with showing what I have....

  9. IMHO...If I were an agent, and had an investor who told me.."I WILL BUY 2/1's, 3/1's duplexes, triplexes, EVEN four plexes, I have cash (AND might be able to "HELP" someone out of a bad situation). I would be "BLOWING UP" his fax machine with every property that's even remotely qualifies!! Who cares if he's for real or not? How long can it take to print out and fax over 5 or 10 houses, and let him make the decision. What if he IS for real? We're talking about the initial stages of relationship building. There is ABSOLUTLEY no reason to AT LEAST return a phone call, or e-mail. Investors market for, analyze, research, prod, poke, and dig for deals everyday. Look at 60 offer on 20 and maybe buy 1. Wouldn't you think agents would have to do the same to maybe find one "real" investor? Isn't that kind of the "Agent Business" in a sense? Digging, poking, prodding and just plain old "drumming up" the business. The last I knew, Agents got paid by commission. As an "investor" I look at EVERY opportunity. Agents should do the same, ESPECIALLY if he's an investor, and says "I Have cash".

  10. POW!!!!

  11. I know that Nick has seen this, but we've made this post into a case study on the power of blogging on BP: <a href="">Real Estate Blogging Case Study: SEO Benefits of BiggerPockets Blogs</a> Tweet it, share it on Digg, tell your friends, etc. Blogs on BP are the real deal, and if you're not blogging here already, you need to get going!

  12. hey Jim, thanks for your input. Truth is I've got several different signs and a lot of them are just a 'I buy houses' and local telephone number which I have forwarded to my cell phone along with ones that direct them to my site so I do believe I have my basis covered. I would also like to mention that I got off the phone with a lovely lady named Vanessa from Neosho(which is just a few minutes from Joplin) she has the homevestors license/franchise in Joplin and we had a great conversation. I'd hate to count my chickens before they hatch but after speaking with her it seems as though I just might have a house or two and maybe even three or four in the next 30 days. So keep your fingers crossed! I may have finally found the way to break into Joplin with some force now. I'll keep you updated. I've invited her here to BP so hopefully she'll chime in.

  13. Mr. I BUY HOUSES IN JOPLIN, If you are using bandit signs as a priimary lead source and you are putting a website on your signs, "That dog won't hunt" drop the website and just put your area code and number, local people like to see a local number. I've tried 800 numbers and website's, I still get flooded with leads using just a local #.

  14. actually Josh, with those keywords I've got 4 listings on googles first page. The BP blog, a 3stepads, YahooBuzz and a Digg, Yes!! I am very happy about that, now lets hope at least 1 seller googles that exact term and I get to buy myself a house LOL!!!

  15. Nick - That's the power of blogging on BiggerPockets! You've got first page rankings (2nd position) for buy houses Joplin, which is all you could ask for, right? Perhaps I need to to an article about this as a case-study . . . .

  16. on a cool side note, if you google: i buy houses in joplin or even google: i buy houses joplin I've got 4 or 5 out of the top 10 searches for google on those keywords LOL!!

  17. Eric, it's to bad you don't work in Joplin. I know you and have worked with you indirectly so I know you could make it happen. Btw, you'll be getting some more business out of me very soon here in the valley, Jon, tell your agent to move to Joplin LOL!!! j/k James, I'm glad you feel the same frustration I do. What bothers me is that I easily get accused of bashing agents in the forums. It's not that I don't like them and don't love to work with them, it's just that every agent that I come across doesn't want to make any money and would rather waste their time with open houses on the weekends. I don't get it. There was a thread in the forums and one of the posters mentioned that it was 'our' job to make the agents job easier. If you read my response you can easily tell I was taken back by such a retarded comment and voiced my opinion on that. In this particular journey, how is it that I can make the job any easier? I say gimme all your listings and send me everything you got or come across, I only wanna buy houses, not pretend to buy houses. How can I make it any easier? enough of ranting, I've got deals to do.

  18. Thanks for shout out NIck. Your post is exactly the same things I have run into in my area. I have just given up on having a relationship with any Realtor. I too have tried to sit down (meaning I bought them lunch) and tried to find out what I am doing wrong. Most just have no answer. Not grasping the fact, that most buyers will only buy 1 property, and the fact that I as an investor buy properties all the time. If you find the answers, Nick, please post!

  19. Eric--thanks for perspective from the other side. I think my agent loves me and would love Nick, too.

  20. Nick, The service that you have been receiving from these Realtors is completely unacceptable. I'm sorry that you have this experience. I just hope the agent has some commission built in other than the 3% for the $15k house. As a Realtor, I always send out the listings that fits my client's criteria. If my own listing does not fit my clients criteria, then I will find a property that does. They are missing a huge opportunity by not chasing the money. Also, I always have to take a step back and try to see the other side of the story. I also have people call me up telling me that they are willing to provide a cash offer and want a discount. We can categorized them all differently. The Jerks - These guys will call you up asking for a ridiculous discount. They will be wanting to pay fifty cents on the dollar and start ranting, “Well the seller’s are motivated aren't they?”. If the deal was this good, I would just buy the place myself. What is nice is that these guys usually do not waste your time. The Flakes - These guys call you wanting the “Home Run” deal each and every time. They take hours or even days evaluating the properties to see if the are a deal good enough for them. Then they want to pay the fifty cents on the dollar and you know that it’s just not going to happen especially when the property is already a steal. They end up wasting a ton of time and want to discount my commission on top of that. Screw them. These guys are usually newbies that have just taken some RE Guru Get Rich Quick seminar or have heard of a friend getting an amazing deal. These are also the guys that actually have no money at all but have taken a wholesaling class. They always say that they have cash but cannot produce the proof of funds. They are looking for a quick buck by assigning the property to another investor. The Investors - These guys are the experience investor or the investor that knows exactly what they want. These people are the best! They will give you a specific criteria of exactly what they want and know the deal when they see it. We may make lots offers but but WILL QUICKLY PERFORM WHEN THEY SEE THE DEAL. These guys are a dream to work with and as a Realtor, I will bend over backwards for them. They are my best clients. To the new investors out there: When you are working with Realtors be very clear in what you are looking for and be ready to pull the trigger on the deal. Also, find one with investing experience so they too can bring experience to the table. So Nick, from what I see, you just have not found your perfect Realtor in Joplin yet. I’m sure that he/she is right around the corner. When you do find them, I’m sure that you two will make a killer combo and start buying up Joplin as planned.

  21. It sounds like you have had a good time in Joplin.

  22. LMAO!!!! Dirty scumbags!!!!!! Those licensed people think they know everything!! EXCEPT HOW TO MAKE MONEY!!!!! Excuse me eh-hem accept money that is given to them.