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Posted over 9 years ago

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Design Trends for 30A Luxury Homes

What’s Hot and What’s Not in Design Trends for Luxury Homes Along 30A

It’s great to know the latest trends in luxury home design if you are planning to buy a luxury home along 30A or have one custom-built. You can use these ideas in looking for or building your dream home.

Find out what's hot and what's not in the latest design trends for your 30A luxury homes.

Here are the hottest trends in luxury properties that you could consider for your 30A luxury home:

What’s Hot

  1. 1. Windows

Buyers are attracted to natural lighting. Floor-to-ceiling windows, oversized windows, ceiling windows - especially those facing the Gulf or any other natural, breathtaking view - are a top priority nowadays for picky luxury buyers.

  1. 2. Outdoor Space

More buyers prefer homes along 30A with porches or terraces, which is why luxury home designers nowadays are putting more focus on outdoor living and incorporating this into their 30A luxury home plans. Outdoor living areas that flow seamlessly into the indoors are becoming a hot trend in luxury homes.

  1. 3. Marble

Marble, especially in kitchen and bathroom elements, is the current trend in interior design. Most buyers are more likely to search for kitchen and bathrooms with marble countertops, floors and marble bathtubs. Marble appeals to more buyers since it is elegant and easy to clean.

Know the latest trends in 30A luxury home interiors and designs when you update your home with these fantastic tips!

Now we give you “What’s Not” when it comes to the latest design trends for your 30A luxury home:

What’s Not

  1. 1. Luxury Cooking

Fewer buyers seem to care whether the home has an outdoor barbecue or not. Most luxury listings are steering clear from mentioning luxury appliances and custom cabinetry in their listings.

  1. 2. Formal Dining Rooms

Open floor plans that flow into the indoor areas are a big hit with buyers. Extremely structured floor plans with formal dining rooms, formal parlor areas, and formal breakfast areas are giving way for more relaxed, flowing, and flexible floor plans.

Luxury homes used to focus on being “grand and showy.” That image of luxury is now shifting into a more relaxed, breezy, and laid-back design so luxury homes along 30A could blend perfectly with the beautiful beaches and relaxed atmosphere of 30A.

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