Posted over 4 years ago

Wanna Go Shopping For Wholesale MLS Deals With Me?

There Aren't Any Deals On MLS!

That's what I always hear.

So tonight, I was a little bored so I did a Google Hangout on my MLS to go looking for MLS deals that I could wholesale!

Shopping for Wholesale Deals on MLS!

Here's what I found...

  • A Couple deals to run comparables on.  I'll show you various methods I used to find value
  • How to narrow your searches down on either a public or Private MLS search for only the hottest leads.
  • How to write a contract, specific out clauses as well as negotiation strategy
  • Pricing, and so much more!

So if you have some time, and would like to sit over my shoulder as I go shopping on my local MLS for deals to wholesale, then feel free to check out this Google Hangout 

Shopping for Wholesale Deals on MLS!