Posted 5 months ago

Simple Story on How to Achieve Your Goals

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We had a very special guest John Azar, who owns over 4,000 units. The story goes where his brother Tony Azar who's the founder of the company started out in launching a technology company back in the 80’s when computers were the first kind of getting proliferated and grew that company to almost 100-million-dollar company then he sold it back in late 90’s when the crash happened. The bubble burst and probably not the best time, two or three hundred is where the company should have been sold, but you learn from your mistakes and failures and go on. 

And then in 2002-2003 they opened a real estate company more focused on single-family flips so essentially the start in the in the real estate turn of that for him sort of than single-family flips from 2000 which he got straight off in 2002, 2003, 2007 accumulating at one point about 60 homes that was flipping in one year, and then seeing the sort of the turn in the market in 2007 got out of that end of it and went into my family. They bought their first apartment complex in 2007 for them it was a kind of parallel tracks, as they worked in finance and investments for a long time in Boston and they had their own real estate development consulting company after he left Morgan Stanley with some partners of his. Then they did development consulting for large-scale mixed-use development. They had projects in Philadelphia and New York, London, Miami, and Boston.

After 2007 the market went point to zilch, so they had to get day jobs, but they did not realize that they could probably do better together and combine forces. If you just trying to find your way to get yourself started, but you are always worried about what could possibly go wrong, set your mind that, you have these things that catch off track, but you have to be mentally prepared for that and it's okay for things to go wrong because you’re not going to know. He had a couple of failed businesses where he tried it for a while, he did his development company and another consulting company that didn't go well, but you learn from your failures and you learn something and trying to improve the process and the next time you will do it great.

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