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Property Analysis Calculators

Unlimited access to 8 types of calculators we've created to help you quickly and efficiently analyze a deal for profitability. Includes calculators for:

  • Rental Properties
  • Fix and Flip
  • Rehab Estimator
  • Mortgage Payment
  • Wholesaling
  • 70% Rule
  • Airbnb
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Featuring tools, expert analysis, and data downloads, BPInsights will give you the confidence you need to seriously transact on real estate deals—no matter your strategy or experience level.

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Landlord Forms ($199 value!)

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A BiggerPockets Pro Membership helps you save $1,000s of dollars on lawyers by giving you exclusive access to lawyer-approved lease agreement packages for 50 US States and DC. Each package includes 8 forms, including:

  • Comprehensive Residential Lease
  • Pet Addendum
  • Lease Extension
  • Rental Application
  • Lease Guaranty
  • Move in/Move out form
  • Lease Amendment
  • Lease Addendum
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