BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets Podcast

Imagine you’re friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what we’re aiming for with The BiggerPockets Podcast.

Previous Episodes

November 23, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 202: Escaping the Rat Race Through Rental Properties with Mark Walker

Most people dream of getting out of the “rat race,” quitting their day job, and living on passive income sources. However, usually that’s just wishful thinking. But today, we’re excited to introduce y ... show more

November 16, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 201: Flipping 100+ “Zombie” Houses with Justin Stamper

Dead “zombie” houses are everywhere -- just waiting for you to bring them back to life if you are willing to take the risk! That’s the story we dive deep into today on the BiggerPockets Podcast when w ... show more

November 9, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 200: A Step-by-Step Guide to Buying Your First Real Estate Investment

Welcome to the BiggerPockets Podcast show 200! We wanted to create a show that we could point people to in the future as an ultimate resource for building their real estate investment business. If you ... show more

November 2, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 199: 25 Doors by Age 25 with Houssein Al-Eidan

Real estate investing is no longer just for older generations! Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast, we sit down with Houssein Al-Eidan, an accountant from the St Louis area who has purchased 25 rental ... show more

October 26, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 198: Financial Freedom Through Small Multifamily Rentals with Eric Bowlin

How many rental units does it take to achieve “financial freedom?” Maybe not as many as you think! That’s the topic on today’s episode, where Josh and Brandon sit down to talk with Eric Bowlin, a real ... show more

October 19, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 197: Starting with $10k and Buying 52 Units in 3 Years with Chris Heeren

Get ready to be inspired, amazed, and blown away with today’s BiggerPockets episode! Today on the show we’re sitting down with Chris Heeren, a real estate investor from Wisconsin who’s absolutely crus ... show more

October 12, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 196: LLCs, House Hacking, and Saving on Taxes with Brandon Hall

What has five letters but causes so much fear that millions of wannabe investors never get started? That’s right: TAXES. But taxes don’t need to be scary -- and understanding and utilizing the tax sys ... show more

October 5, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 195: Partners, College Town Rentals, & Mobile Home Parks with Rudy Curtler

Trying to build a real estate empire while working a full-time job can be tough, which is why many people decide to use a partner to maximize their results. That’s the story on today’s episode of the ... show more

September 28, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 194: Achieving Impressive Spreads Through High-End Flips with Justin Silverio

Is your ultimate goal to increase the spreads of your investments to the point where you can comfortably quit your job? Tune in for a conversation with Justin Silverio, an investor who successfully ma ... show more

September 21, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 193: Finding and Managing Rental Properties While Working Full-Time with Steve Garner

Everyone knows rental properties can be a great way to build wealth and cash flow. Yet so few people ever take the steps needed to build their portfolio. That’s why we’re excited for you to listen to ... show more

September 14, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 192: Income from Cash Flow but Wealth from Appreciation with Russell Brazil

“I can’t invest in real estate -- everything is too expensive” is a common statement used by newbie real estate investors across the world. But is it true? Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast, we’re ex ... show more

September 7, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 191: Buying Out-of-State Rentals and Investing Later in Life with Bill Manassero

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast, we’re excited to introduce you to a man who didn’t start investing until later in life but has built an impressive portfolio in the past few years. Even more, he bo ... show more

August 31, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 190: Building 61 Different Passive Streams of Income with Pat Hiban

Are you building vertical or horizontal income in your life? If you aren’t sure, don’t miss this exceptionally important episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, where we talk with Pat Hiban about creati ... show more

August 24, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 189: 500 Deals, the $100,000 Wholesale Paycheck, & the Systems That Make it Work with Tarl Yarber

Are you looking to ultimately work less, travel more, and life proactively rather than reactively? The key to this life is found in systems. And on today’s episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we are ... show more

August 17, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 188: Using 20+ Years of Studying Market Cycles to Buy Low & Sell High with David Gudmundsen

Is the real estate market about to collapse? Do we have 10 more years? What’s the future hold? While no one can definitively answer these questions, today’s guest has some keen insight into timing the ... show more

August 10, 2016

BiggerPockets Podcast 187: Building Wealth Through Older Small Multifamily Properties with Dana Bull

In this episode of the BiggerPockets Podcast, we talk about a subject many investors debate about: investing in OLD properties. Today’s guest, Dana Bull, has filled her portfolio with properties over ... show more

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