Latest Episode • May 9, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 207: 8 Reasons Tenants Move On—And What Landlords Can Do About It by Sterling White

If you’re losing a good tenant, you might want to encourage them to stay. But you can’t do that unless you know why they’re moving out. There are a number of reasons tenants leave—and here are the most common explanations. 1. Expensive rent and more options in the market Housing costs, especially ... show more

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May 8, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 206: Should You Buy Mortgage Points? Evaluate the Financial Benefits First by Dave Meyer

Just like many investors and homeowners, I was recently considering refinancing a rental property I own. After submitting my application, I received a table of rates available to me. I could get a mor ... show more

May 7, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 205: How to Estimate Future CapEx Expenses on a Rental Property by Brandon Turner

Let’s talk about my “Hell House”—the property that taught me the importance of CapEx in real estate. I bought the home for an incredibly cheap price: just $40,000. What a steal, right? I put another $ ... show more

May 6, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 204: Is Doorvest a Good Option for Real Estate Investors? by Anson Young

Have you ever wanted to own a cash-flowing rental with rent guaranteed for the first year? The property is bought for you, renovated for you, and even has a tenant placed for you. Even the property ma ... show more

May 5, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 203: Now Is the Best Time To Invest in Student Housing — Here's Why by Ryan Chaw

As COVID-19 hit the United States, many states started imposing eviction moratoriums. Some of these stated that landlords couldn’t evict tenants even when they stopped paying rent. These tenants shoul ... show more

May 4, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 202: What Is a Closing Disclosure? Here's What Home Buyers Should Know by Mindy Jensen

You found a house; you went under contract; and you survived the home inspection, appraisal, and loan underwriting. Congratulations, the end is in sight! You’re well on your way to becoming a homeowne ... show more

May 3, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 201: Where Did Rents Increase the Most in 2020? Here's What You Missed on BPInsights by Dave Meyer

One of the biggest real estate stories to come out of COVID-19 is what many are calling a “mass exodus” from expensive urban centers. In places like San Francisco and New York City, the kinds of rente ... show more

May 2, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 200: Start Your House Hunt Right by Asking These Questions First by Mindy Jensen

You’ve prepared yourself to buy a new home in every way possible, but now it’s time to actually go out and do what we’ve been talking about doing. If only it were as easy as handing someone money and— ... show more

May 1, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 199: The Real Estate Investor’s Guide to Putting Together a Scope of Work by Andrew Syrios

Rehabbing is one of the most trying and most important parts of the real estate investing business. Quality construction will make your property shine in the retail or rental market. However, achievin ... show more

April 30, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 198: Don't Invest Without Understanding the Risks — Here's What You Need to Know by Paul Moore

“Step right up! Come one, come all! Today we’re offering an opportunity to quadruple your money!” Would you take this deal? After all, who wouldn’t want a 300% profit on their investment? So, ... show more

April 29, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 197: How to Start Saving for College With Real Estate (Hint: Ditch the 529) by Erion Shehaj

You’ve just had a child or you’re watching your child grow up—and the specter of college lingers in the back of your mind. How do you start saving for college? What vehicles exist? How much should you ... show more

April 28, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 196: Better Live than Perfect: Growing Your Brand With Livestreaming by Adam Gower

It has often been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is true, one could only assume that video—which is essentially thousands of pictures quickly presented in a row—must be worth m ... show more

April 27, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 195: 21 Real Estate Professionals You Need on Your Team (Updated 2021) by Sterling White

A successful investment business is a team effort. The best real estate teams win the most—and the best leaders surround themselves with smart, diverse, and driven people. Building a great team can se ... show more

April 26, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 194: 6 Tech Tools That Make a Landlord's Life Easier by Remen Okowura

No one said that being a landlord was easy. Of course, the idea of passive income from property investment is appealing. But managing properties is not a passive job. Apart from collecting rent regula ... show more

April 25, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 193: How to Renovate a House—Whether You’re Renting, Flipping, or Moving In by Ken Corsini

Whether you’re just diving into the world of fixer-uppers or plan to rehab a rundown old home for your own personal use, a whole-home renovation can be a daunting prospect. Permits? Demolition? And wh ... show more

April 24, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 192: Turtle Soup in the Kitchen Sink — Or, Why You Shouldn't Skip Yearly Rental Inspections by Chad Gallagher

If you are an active landlord and you mention it at a dinner party, I bet you get lots of questions like “What’s it like?” or “Tell me a crazy landlord story.” And if you’ve been a landlord for a long ... show more

April 23, 2021

BiggerPockets Daily 191: Why Are Millennials So Behind in Homeownership? by Matt Myre

Millennials are giving up on their dreams of homeownership at an increasing rate. According to an annual report by Apartment List, a rental listing site, 18.2% of Millennials now expect that they will ... show more

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