BiggerPockets Podcast

Released weekly on Thursdays, the BiggerPockets Podcast is hosted by Brandon Turner and David Greene. It features off-the-cuff interviews with investors of various backgrounds, niches, and experience levels. Check out new shows below and subscribe to our Video Podcast on iTunes here.

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BiggerPockets Podcast

BiggerPockets Podcast

Imagine you’re friends with hundreds of real estate investors and entrepreneurs. Now imagine you can grab a beer with each of them and casually chat about failures, successes, motivations, and lessons learned. That’s what we’re aiming for with The BiggerPockets Podcast.

Previous Episodes

November 5, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 095: Multifamily Investments, Partnerships, and Raising Your Kids to Be Entrepreneurs With Curt Bidwell

If nothing else, investing in real estate is an adventure, as well as an ever-evolving learning process, where you can alter your focus to align with the needs of yourself, your clients, and your fami ... show more

October 29, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 094: House Hacking, Partnerships, and Investing in Multifamilies While Working a Full Time Job with Michael Siekerka

Starting out in the world of house flipping and landlording can be taxing and a lot to take on at first, but it's all a learning experience, which is why we want you to get to know a master at both, M ... show more

October 22, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 093: 0 to 400 Deals (in 5 Years!) via Smart Marketing with Erik Stark

Many people take their time in building their real estate investing... but not today's guest, who has used his incredible marketing skills to do more than 400 deals in the past five years! Erik Stark ... show more

October 15, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 092: No (and Low) Money Down Real Estate Investing with Brandon Turner

What would you do if you didn't need money to invest in real estate anymore? That's the question we tackle today on the BiggerPockets Podcast as we interview one of our own... Brandon Turner, to lear ... show more

October 8, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast Show 91: Getting Started as a Real Estate Wholesaler with Ben Grise

Getting your first few real estate deals can be exceptionally tough -- which is why today we wanted to introduce you to an investor who is just wrapping up his first INCREDIBLE year as a wholesaler: B ... show more

October 1, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 090: My First Real Estate Investment – A Newbie Podcast With Matt, Romeo and KC

Don’t miss this special feature, as we come to you live from FinCon 2014 for Podcast 90! In a BiggerPockets Podcast first, we sit down and chat live with financial conference attendees Matt Giovanisci ... show more

September 24, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 089: From High School Dropout to 300+ Real Estate Deals with Engelo Rumora

Looking to be inspired? Today on The BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down and chat with Engelo Rumora, a real estate investor with a fascinating story that involved dropping out of high school, playing ... show more

September 17, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 088: Investing with Your Spouse, Managing Financials, and Growing Your Team with Matt and Liz Faircloth 

Today we're thrilled to chat with New Jersey real estate investors Matt and Liz Faircloth on The BiggerPockets Podcast, covering everything from the challenges of working with a spouse to purchasing a ... show more

September 17, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 088: Investing with Your Spouse, Managing Financials, and Growing Your Team with Matt and Liz Faircloth 

Real estate investing isn’t always about the speed of the chase – sometimes patience is key and the amount of deals you close might not be as important as the quality of each deal. If yo ... show more

September 10, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 087: How to Thrive After The Collapse of a Real Estate Empire with Nathan Brooks

Failure is no stranger in the real estate industry which is why we are excited to bring Nathan Brooks to The BiggerPockets Podcast today, an investor who knows firsthand that real estate can be tough! ... show more

September 3, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 086 – House Hacking Your Way to 97 Units (While Holding a Full Time Job!) with Cory Binsfield

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit down with Cory Binsfield, a multifamily rental property investor who comes from Duluth, MN. If you ever feel like you don’t have enough time to invest in real ... show more

August 27, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 085: Hybrid Investing, Long Distance Rentals, and Property Management with Mike McKinzie

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we chat with Mike McKinzie, a full time real estate investor from Garden Grove, CA. Mike is an investor and former property manager who has personally dealt with ove ... show more

August 20, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 084: Getting Started with Creative Finance and Designing Your Ideal Lifestyle With Chad Carson

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we sit with Chad Carson, a full time real estate investor from Clemson, South Carolina. Chad brings expertise in a TON of areas including everything from fix-and-fli ... show more

August 13, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 083: Profitable Landlording with Integrity with Marcia Maynard

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are excited to sit down with Marcia Maynard, a hands-on landlord who hails from Vancouver, Washington. Marcia got her start in real estate by marrying into 'the ... show more

August 6, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 082: From 0 to 800 Real Estate Deals with David Krulac

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are excited to sit down with David Krulac, a real estate renaissance man who has experience in nearly every aspect of the industry, being involved in over 800 dea ... show more

July 30, 2014

BiggerPockets Podcast 081: Generating Real Estate Leads Through Direct Mail with Michael Quarles

Today on the BiggerPockets Podcast we are excited to welcome back Michael Quarles to the show. Several weeks ago we talked with Michael about his story and spent most of the show discussing the topic ... show more

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