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What does it take to start, scale, and sell your own business? Every Tuesday, J and Carol Scott ask this question to entrepreneurs of all stripes and delve into stories that go beyond the launch. From hiring and firing to marketing and raising capital, this podcast takes an honest look at the triumphs and stumbles of entrepreneurship. Whether you’re looking to sustain a startup or bring an idea to life, you’ll come away inspired. Tune in—and learn how to treat your business like a business.

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Previous Episodes

May 26, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 57: Negotiating with Joe Exotic and Buying the Exclusive Licensing Rights to “Tiger King" with Tim Shiner

We've all heard the adage about the importance of multiple streams of income. Today's guest takes that idea to a whole new level... From patents to books to real estate to businesses to licensing r ... show more

May 19, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 56: From Poverty to Millions Through Laundromats with Dave Menz

If you've found this show, you probably have that entrepreneurial itch... and you've probably wrestled with just how to turn that impulse into action. Well, that transition is exactly what today's ... show more

May 12, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 55: Moving Your Competition Out of the Way While Spending Nothing on Marketing with Ryan Welch

Are you looking for ways to increase your profitability while spending less on marketing and customer acquisition? Are you running a business where differentiating yourself from the competition is dow ... show more

May 5, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 54: $4M in Revenue in 6 Months Through Software & Licensing with Brennan Tolman & Nik Krohn

Have you figured out a good business model that is consistently making money but don’t know how to expand? Itching to take your local business national? Ready to put your business on auto-pilot, gener ... show more

April 28, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 53: Fixing All Your Business Problems, One at a Time with Mike Michalowicz

Are you overwhelmed with all the things you’re falling behind on in your business? Not sure what to do next? Have you been taught to believe that as business owners, we need to tackle all of our busin ... show more

April 21, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 52: Murder Scenes, Meth Labs, and 27 Franchises with Laura Spaulding

Not happy in your current career? Looking to do something entrepreneurial but don’t know where to start? Well, maybe this is the inspiration you need to build something HUGE! Laura Spaulding is a f ... show more

April 14, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 51: Business Opportunity Is Knocking… Answer the Door! With Nigel Guisinger

This show is a wake-up call for young and hungry entrepreneurs. The main message: there is a massive wealth transfer underway in this country. An entire generation of business owners is reaching re ... show more

April 7, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 50: The Disaster Loans That Could Save Your Business -- and Why You Should Apply Now with Angela Venti and Mike Regina

Today: Everything you need to know to get YOUR slice of $349B in emergency small business loans. You'll learn which SBA disaster loans are available now, what the terms are, and -- most importantly ... show more

March 31, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 49: Coronavirus: Rising to the Challenge for Social Good with Stephanie Howard

During this unprecedented, uncertain time, here's a CHALLENGE for us all to collaborate for social good TOGETHER.  What are others doing during this difficult time to help their communities? What c ... show more

March 24, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 48: Shuttered, But Still Writing Checks to 100+ Employees: the View from the #1 College Bar with Bret Oliverio

On today's episode -- a "bad business decision" that simply had to be made... and a microcosm of what's happening to small businesses across the country right now. Bret Oliverio—owner of Sup Dogs, ... show more

March 17, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 47: Coronavirus: Business Strategies to Adapt, Dangers to Heed, and Opportunities to Watch for With Andrew Sherman

COVID-19 has presented challenges for all of us—not the least of whom are those who own a business or are in the process of starting, growing, or scaling a business. In order to provide as much sup ... show more

March 10, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 46: From Flea Filled Trailer to Flipper to Master Franchiser with Logan Hand

Do you feel like you’re too young to take on huge business challenges? Are you trying to figure out the best way to break into entrepreneurship but want the support of a big team behind you? Have you ... show more

March 3, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 45: From Scrubbing Toilets to a $4M Business on Autopilot with Michelle Reed-Spitzer

Do you dream of the day you can be your own boss? Wish you could generate full-time income from your side hustle passion project? Or do you have a small business that you want to expand to something B ... show more

February 25, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 44: The Most Effective Marketing Technique You’re Probably Ignoring in Your Business with John Ruhlin

Have you considered that there may be a marketing channel for your business that you’ve never taken advantage of? One that could literally provide dozens—or hundreds—of times return on the cost of it? ... show more

February 18, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 43: Financial Freedom Through Multiple Streams of Income with Yaro Starak

Do you value freedom and time above all else? Are you craving a lifestyle doing what’s truly most important to you, while financially supporting yourself, your family, your hobbies, and your adventure ... show more

February 11, 2020

BiggerPockets Business Podcast 42: Building a Business You Can Sell for Top Dollar with David Barnett

Have you ever wondered how businesses are bought and sold? Or have you considered buying a business but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you've considered selling a business—or are starting a busin ... show more

BiggerPockets Business Podcast

BiggerPockets Business Podcast

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