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One of the most frequently asked questions in the BiggerPockets forums is "How can I start investing in real estate with no money and bad credit?" The answer? You can't (Well, to be more accurate, you probably shouldn't). You need to fix your "No money and bad credit" situation and invest from a position of financial strength. Co-hosted by BiggerPockets' Scott Trench and Mindy Jensen, this podcast provides the education you didn't get in school. You'll get tips for getting your financial house in order and actionable advice from guests who have been in your shoes - and found their way out.

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Previous Episodes

January 1, 2021

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 158: Are You Under Leveraging? Finance Friday with Investor and Agent Wayne Loux

Happy New Year! With the first 2021 episode of Finance Fridays, we take a look at Wayne Loux’s investments, income streams, and overall finances. Wayne is like many of our listeners: working a W2 j ... show more

December 28, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 157: The Money Date: What You Should (And Definitely Should Not) Do to Align Your Finances as a Couple

Calling all couples! You and your partner may be on the same page financially, or off in two different directions, regardless of where you’re at, it’s a great time to start having money dates! In t ... show more

December 21, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 156: The Conservative Money Cool Kid: Buying 20+ Houses in Cash with Richard Carey from Rich On Money

Most real estate investors get into real estate to get rich quick. If you’re looking to make a million dollars within your first year of real estate, this is the wrong podcast! But, if you’re looking ... show more

December 14, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 155: Retired at 35: How Robert from Stop Ironing Shirts Achieved FI Even During The Great Recession

Robert from Stop Ironing Shirts has had quite a lucrative career path. Starting out as a bank teller in college, he learnt that he really enjoyed math that had dollar signs attached to the numbers. Fr ... show more

December 7, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 154: Confessions of a Former Spender: How Allison Baggerly Paid off $110K in Loans on a Teacher’s Salary

Ever had a card declined when trying to buy the basics? That was the start of Allison Baggerly’s journey into budgeting and saving. As a big spender in college, Allison didn’t see a real reason to ... show more

November 30, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 153: Bill Bengen (The Inventor of the 4% Rule) Talks Retirement, Past Crashes, and How You Can Withdraw Even More!

He really is the man who needs no introduction (but here’s one anyways). Bill Bengen, the inventor of the 4% rule (and personal finance hero of Mindy & Scott) stops by the Money Podcast to talk about ... show more

November 23, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 152: Reaching Financial Independence Despite a Very Late Start with Baby Boomer Super Saver

To say that Kathy from Baby Boomer Super Saver had a difficult journey ahead of her is an understatement. She was $70,000 in credit card debt, with a big mortgage, and a spouse that had a medical emer ... show more

November 16, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 151: From Single Dad w/ $61K in Student Loans to Financially Savvy Real Estate Investor with Tony J Robinson

You may know Tony J Robinson as the co-host of the Real Estate Rookie podcast, but you probably don’t know his backstory. As a single dad working his way through college and student debt, Tony knew ... show more

November 9, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 150: From Childhood Homelessness to Financially Confident with Cristina Livadary

Cristina Livadary immigrated to the US when she was 6, and less than a year later, her father left, leaving her stranded with her mother and sister. She didn't speak the language, had no money, and li ... show more

November 2, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 149: Listener Finance Review: Knocking Out Debt to Start Investing

Nick Groover is 25, with a young daughter and a fiance, looking to make changes to his finances so he can start married life off on the right foot. He has some debts he'd like to knock out so he ca ... show more

October 26, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 148: How to Become an Everyday Millionaire with Chris Hogan

Chris Hogan joins Scott and Mindy today to chat about becoming an everyday millionaire. Chris and his team interviewed more than 10,000 millionaires to hear how they did it. Hard work, determinatio ... show more

October 19, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 147: Pursuing Financial Independence on Her Own Terms with Cathleen Hutchins

Cathleen Hutchins grew up in Hawaii. She come over to the mainland for college, but Hawaii kept calling her name, so she moved back home. Hawaii is an expensive place to live, and Cathleen knew she ... show more

October 12, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 146: Saying Goodbye to Gambling & Finding Financial Freedom with Ambus Hunter

Ambus Hunter grew up with a fair understanding of how money works. He received a partial scholarship to play drums in college, and graduated with a small amount of student loan debt. His first job ... show more

October 5, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 145: From Hedge Fund Manager to Smart Money Mama with Chelsea Brennan

Chelsea Brennan was a hedge fund manager for several years - until her second pregnancy when she ended up in the hospital with sever complications brought on by the stress and emotional toll her job t ... show more

September 28, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 144: Alternative Investments: How to Determine Which Option(s) Are Right For You with Kirk Chisholm

Kirk Chisholm is a fee-only investment advisor with a secret passion - finding new and different ways to invest money. Kirk shares his Big List of 75 Alternative Investments with us today - and mor ... show more

September 21, 2020

BiggerPockets Money Podcast 143: How to Pay Off $160k in Debt in 3 Years While Making $90k

Shannon Gauthier discovered the debt she and her husband had gotten themselves into when a debt collector caller her at work and she started asking questions. Shocked to discover $30,000 in unpaid ... show more

BiggerPockets Money

BiggerPockets Money

This show provides the education you didn't get in school including tips for getting your financial house in order and actionable advice from guests who have been in your shoes - and found their way out.

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