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Small 1398855030 avatar deeinaustin

Dee Copeland

Commercial Real Estate Broker
Austin, TX

This user has posted 13 times and started 2 topics.

Discussion Replies Last Post
How to find a good realtor?
Started by N/A N/A
21 Tiny 1412557279 avatar jasonscott Last post by J Scott
over 3 years ago
San Antonio or Austin, TX anyone??
Started by Edgar Ambart
20 Tiny 1399522239 avatar kiwichamp Last post by Jill Rapley
over 4 years ago
Broker in Austin Texas...we do wholesaling
Started by Dee Copeland
5 Tiny 1399445628 avatar bryanhancock Last post by Bryan Hancock
over 5 years ago
Pre-Construction in Texas
Started by N/A N/A
5 Tiny 1399313552 avatar shrek77 Last post by Kenneth Hocking
over 6 years ago
We are stuck with a newly built house
Started by Dianne Rothenbuehler
12 Tiny 1398866258 avatar johnston19 Last post by Dave P.
almost 7 years ago
Price per sq./ft. to build in your area...
Started by David Betz
15 Tiny 1398786508 avatar malok Last post by Jennifer Karlen
about 7 years ago
Pre Pre-Foreclosure Leads
Started by N/A N/A
14 Tiny 1400596396 avatar snappynapp Last post by Tony Nardini
over 7 years ago
Opinons on Prefab Homes
Started by Dee Copeland
4 Tiny 1398858972 avatar akim Last post by A Ki
over 7 years ago
Losing money . . . wait to sell?
Started by N/A N/A
7 Tiny 1399026168 avatar cataclysmic Last post by N/A N/A
over 8 years ago
Self Directed IRA for Investing
Started by G Collins
11 Tiny 1398785276 avatar ty Last post by Ty Hallsted
over 8 years ago
rehab vs flipping
Started by N/A N/A
23 Tiny 1398855030 avatar deeinaustin Last post by Dee Copeland
almost 9 years ago

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