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The Secret to Finding and Using Portfolio Lenders to Fund Your Real Estate Deals

Secret to finding portfolio lenders

Many investors are STUCK. The big banks routinely say “no” when investors need funding. However, one popular solution to this problem is through the use of “portfolio” lenders.

In this free, live real estate workshop, Brandon Turner, cohost of the BiggerPockets Podcast, will share with you his top tips for finding portfolio lenders and using them to fund your deals. He’ll share detailed information on exactly how he uses portfolio lenders in his business and how you can do the same.

Don’t miss out on this informative and life-changing, webinar! Your bank account will thank you!

10 Powerful Ways to Find Incredible (and Hidden) Real Estate Deals!


In today's real estate market, great deals are exceptionally hard to find. Unless… You know where to look! In this webinar hosted by Brandon from the BiggerPockets Podcast, you'll discover the top 10 places to find great real estate deals (even in a competitive market) and what to do once you find them!

Three Ways to Make $1000 Per Month Through Real Estate Investing


Real estate investing can build tremendous wealth as almost everyone knows. However, wealth is built step-by-step.

So how can you build that first step?

In this webinar, Brandon Turner, co-host of the BiggerPockets podcast, shares his best three strategies for making $1000 per month. Don't miss it!

House Hacking 101: How to Get Paid to Live (and Invest) for Free!


In this brand new webinar from Brandon Turner of the BiggerPockets Podcast, you'll learn the step by step method many investors use to "house hack" and combine their personal residence with their investment properties. You'll discover:

  • How to find properties to house hack
  • The best financing methods for house hacking
  • What to do when living in an expensive city and ...so much more!

How to Attract Private Money To Fund Your Real Estate Deals


Your cash will run out. The banks will say no. But private money… it can fund your real estate dreams forever!

In this exciting new LIVE webinar from BiggerPockets, learn how to attract private lenders to fund your next real estate deal. You'll discover:

  • Where to Find Private Money Lenders
  • The 8 Things KILLING Your Private Money Chances
  • How to Present Your Loan Request to Hear a “YES"