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REI Nation, LLC
4 reviews
4 reviews
REI Nation, LLC
Specialties: Residential
REI Nation was founded as a concept in 2003 under the name Memphis Invest by 1 person and his wife. Kent Clothier, Sr. and Sherry Clothier in many ways started the Turnkey investment trend and Memphis Invest is considered a pioneer in the industry and THE Gold Standard. In the past 15 years, Kent Clothier, Sr., Chris Clothier & Brett Clothier along with the entire 110-person team have grown Memphis Invest into the premier real estate investing company in the country. On January 1, 2020, Memphis Invest officially changed its' brand name to REI Nation. Managing properties in Memphis,TN., Dallas and Houston, TX., Little Rock, AR., Oklahoma City, OK. and St. Louis, MO. with a full team of 110, REI Nation and Premier Property Management Company have grown into the #1 Turnkey company in the country. The company purchases, renovates, markets, manages and sells over 1,000 homes a year in their markets annually. By specializing in high quality renovations as well as high quality property management and customer service, the company has grown exponentially since 2011 and has been named to Inc. 500/5000 list of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in the U.S. for six straight years. The full-time 110 team members support the management of over 6,000 properties conservatively valued at over $750 million for 2,000+ investors. Those properties make up investment portfolios who are looking for passive investment returns with little hassle and high-degree of certainty on performance. REI Nation has invested millions of dollars into state of the art technology, systems, two beautiful campuses for our team to work and training programs for our teams. Those investments into our company help yield our clients nearly $4.7 million in monthly, net rental income. REI Nation has been critical in helping to educate and not only investors on the patient and secure way to build a passive portfolio, but also other Turnkey companies who want to provide high-level investments. In this way, REI Nationcontinues to lead the Turnkey investment industry. In 2018, Chris Clothier, partner with REI Nation and director of Sales and Marketing, published the first book from REI Nation. Titled, The Turnkey Revolution, McGraw-HIll Publishers purchased and printed the book. It can be found in book stores nationwide and at online retailers Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
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Find A Property Management Company

Members can use the BiggerPockets Directory to search for property management companies in a specific location. If you are looking for a property manager or property management company to help manage your investment properties, this is the tool for you.

Please use the filters to search for a property management company in your area. Once the results are displayed you can use the metrics on the right to see how active these companies are on BiggerPockets. Users are able to see deals, referrals, forum posts and the number of upvotes by other BiggerPockets members on this metric card. Users are also able to decide on a property management company based on the specialization displayed on the metric card.

Questions To Ask A Property Management Company

Before hiring any company for your investment property, you will want to make sure that you have asked the right questions. Here are some questions you can ask a property management company you are considering to hire.

Are you a licensed property manager?

It’s good to know if you are working with a company that is properly licensed. This means that the company has met the requirements for this license such as 30 hours of education approved by the real estate board and other qualifications.

How many properties are you currently managing?

This question will give you a clear idea on the company’s size and expertise. It will also help you determine if you think they can handle your property or if they would be stretching themselves too thin.

How do you screen potential tenants?

You want to make sure they have a thorough screening process so you fill your property with great tenants.

How do you handle maintenance work?

One of the biggest responsibilities of a landlord is upkeep of the property. You will want to make sure the property management company has a clear process for handling maintenance requests.

How do you collect rent?

Property managers should have a policy in place on how rent collection is handled. Do they pick it up, or do tenants mail it? Perhaps the tenants can take it right to the bank? Every lease should outline exactly when the rent is due, the amount due, and any late fees associated with a late payment.

Do you have references?

Always ask for references and call them to see how other property owners liked the property management company.

What strategies do you use to fill vacant rentals?

Your property manager should be advertising properties through a variety of channels. If they are still just placing newspaper ads and hoping for the best then you should steer clear.

What is your average vacancy rate?

Consider whether this vacancy rate is above or below the area average.

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