For sale about 2 months ago


2 bd ba 2700 sqft

11 Hawk Ln., Basalt, CO 80228

Residential SFR Off MLS

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17%+ Cash on Cash STR in beautiful Basalt, CO

This place is a cash machine! We unfortunately are deciding to part ways with it (personal reasons) after a very successful year of renting it out short term with $115k in revenue to show! It is in a very safe area for STR with rules and it has close to 90% occupancy. I ran numbers at a 5.5% rate, equating for all of our actual fixed costs and our actual revenue from the past 6 months. What I came up with was a 17% Cash on Cash ROI on 25% down (9.5% Cap Rate) and a 20%+ Cash on Cash ROI on a 20% down loan. Not to mention a beautiful place to vacation yourself. Oh, and it comes fully furnished! This one won't last long, even off market.


11 Hawk Ln., Basalt, CO 80228

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