For sale 12 days ago


5 bd 4 ba 0 sqft

1802,1813,1903 S Brookside, Indepedence , MO 64052

Residential SFR Occupied Off MLS

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Pro Only

3 Duplexes Same Street Indepdence MO

3 duplexes collecting a gross rent of Est. 4800 a month. ( est. 800 a unit )

1802 S Brookside 6/3
1813 S Brookside 10/2
1901 S Brookside 10/2

Taxes total for all 3 units 9786.96 a year

Insurance is 122.04 + 104.10 + 110.34 = 336.48 x 12 = 4037.76 a year for homeowners insurance for all units aggregated.

So the hard costs are est. $13,824.72 not including PM which is est. $65 a unit when occupied. Units are separate metered and tenants pay utilities.

Send PM for more info.


1802,1813,1903 S Brookside, Indepedence , MO 64052

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Peter M. Mogul Realty
St Louis, MO
Specialization: Residential, Commercial

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