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Multiple, Baltimore, MD 21229

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Baltimore Portfolio - 100% Occupied

Looking to potentially sell our Baltimore City portfolio to move into larger properties. There are 6 properties - 7 units total. 5 of the 6 are within walking distance of each other.

5 properties are located in the 21229 zip code, with the 6th being in 21213. There are 5 single family rentals and 1 duplex. All properties have central air, including the duplex which has two HVAC units, individual water heaters, etc. Roofs have been replaced as needed - 3 roofs have been replaced within the last 2-3 years. Also, basements have been waterproofed as needed. A lot of new appliances across the portfolio. Overall the condition of the properties is average to above average for like product available in the city. We target properties with central air and strive to have drywall walls for easier repairs and a better overall look.

All properties have been renovated to a certain degree and rents range from $800/mo - $1,250/mo. The duplex is leased for $1,800/mo, the remaining single families range from $1,098/mo - $1,250/mo. There are 5 section 8 tenants, while the remaining are market rate.

All properties are off market and we are looking to see if there is any interest to take down the full portfolio before we individually market - not looking to split up currently. Reach out directly if interested and I can speak more to the individual properties and as-is values.

[email protected] or 240-997-9506


Multiple, Baltimore, MD 21229

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