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1941 N Colorado Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218

Residential SFR

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Amie Lieurance

BRRRR or Flip this Vacant Brookside Sunny Grove Bungalow on Indy's Near East Side!

Happy Friday!!! Here is a bungalow located in Brookside Sunny Grove neighborhood on Indy's near east side! This 2/1 has a basement foundation with some newer mechanicals. This is a great area to buy and hold but there are 2/1 comps as high as $145k in the same neighborhood. You could BRRRR (buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat) or flip it!

Furnace - 3+ years
AC - 3+ years
Water heater - 3+ years

Recent Brookside Sunny Grove 2/1 leased or sold include:
1913 N Euclid - SOLD $75k AS IS (2/1, 1-car detached, ONLY 698 sf, no basement)
1949 N Colorado - SOLD $97,500 and LEASED $975 per month (2/1, 736 sf, 2-car detached, no basement)
1205 E 21st - SOLD $86k AS IS (2/1, 720 sf, 1-car detached, basement, 63 DOM)
1946 N Euclid - SOLD $115k (2/1, 720 sf, 2-car detached, 46 DOM)
1921 N Linwood - SOLD $145k (2/1, 728 sf, no garage, basement, 7 DOM)

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1941 N Colorado Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218

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