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3 bd 1 ba 1304 sqft

Chislett St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Residential SFR

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⚡Killer Deal in Morningside!!!!⚡

We are selling our assignable purchase contract. We are the contract holder, please do not market this as your own deal.

***No Trespassing on Property! Message me to schedule a showing!

Great location, plenty of comps to support value, this deal is one you don't want to miss! Perfect Flip or BRRR deal!

Solid Brick house located in Morningside! Property is in decent condition! Mechanicals look great, just needs cosmetic. Perfect for a BRRR or Flip. Semi remodeled neighboring house went for $356K, a fully/newly remodeled neighboring house slightly bigger went for $385K

Chislett St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
ARV $365k-$375k - See comps below!
- Asking Price: $205,000
- 3 bed, 1 bath
- 1,304 sqft living space
- Lot Size: 3,200 sqft

👉Occupancy Status: Vacant at Closing
👉Rent Estimate: $2,100 - See 1223 Jancey Street for a rental comparable
👉Rentometer: $1,512 ±5%

🏠Comparable: 1921 Chislett St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
- Sale Date: 02/25/2022
- Sale Amount: $385,000
- 3 bed, 3 bath
- 1,694 sqft living space
- Year Built: 1900
- Lot Size: 3,726 sqft

🏠Comparable: 1719 Chislett St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
- Sale Date: 04/11/2022
- Sale Amount: $356,625
- 3 bed, 2 bath
- 1,264 sqft living space
- Year Built: 1940
- Lot Size: 3,201 sqft

Call or Email Lauren with questions at 412-212-3001; [email protected]

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Closing Terms:
- Cash only
- $1000 deposit
- Buyer pays ALL closing costs
- No contingencies
- Agents add your fee

Buyers to submit their offer along with a proof of funds through website by clicking Make Offer. All deals must be purchased with cash or cash equivalent loans. If you are a wholesaler/Realtor please add any commissions on top of our price. What we are selling is our assignable contract with the seller of the property. We are not realtors in the state of Pennsylvania nor do we portray ourselves as such. All properties require cash or a private/hard money loan in order to purchase no conventional or FHA financing available unless otherwise indicated. All inspections must be completed prior to buyer signing the contract. Buyers will need to provide a nonrefundable deposit (cashier’s check) at time of contract execution. Buyer will be responsible for all closing costs unless otherwise indicated.


Chislett St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

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