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Archived almost 2 years ago


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21xx Manton St., Philadelphia, PA 19146

Residential SFR Needs Repairs Off MLS

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Off Market Flip/Rental Oppurtunities

These are just some of the 50 off-market properties that cycle through our marketplace every month, our bread and butter are single-family homes and multi-units (duplexes - quads) that may need a full gut rehab or maybe turnkey and cash flowing with tenants. For experienced investors who just need access to deals, I provide properties only. For a newer investor who hasn't built their team-up yet, I am happy to refer trusted professionals (GC's, Hard Money Lenders, Property Managers, and Listing Agents) for any step of the process you need.

I take honesty and credibility very seriously and am looking to build long-lasting relationships with investors in the business.

If you would like to work with me please leave your info on my google form and I'd be happy to reach out to you. That can be found here: (COPY and PASTE the link in your browser)

Dan Powers, License #RS353626
New Western Acquisitions - Investment properties in Philadelphia, Delaware County, Montgomery County


21xx Manton St., Philadelphia, PA 19146

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