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2 bd 1 ba 1040 sqft

Metropolitan Ave , Dallas, AL 75215

Residential SFR Occupied Needs Repairs Off MLS

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Femi Ibrahim


Check out this investor special in South Dallas.

Good for fix and flip as well as buy and hold.

Address: Metropolitan Ave, Dallas, TX, 75215

2 bed 1 bath
1040 sqft

Need cosmetic repairs and minor foundation repairs

ARV: $91.250
Repairs: $16,500
Purchase Price: $52,000

Rent :$950

Details of repairs:

1) Exterior Painting $1,500. Paint already bought and would be given to buyer for free.
2) Interior Flooring $4,000. Hardwood floor bought as well. Ceramics also bought for restroom
3) Interior Painting : $3,500
4) Minor Foundation repair : $5,500
5) Miscellaneous expenses: $3,000

Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC in perfect condition.

Seller is half way remodeling the house, but needs cash to attend to some matters urgently.

Cash buyers only. This will go fast.

Please do not disturb. Tenant in property.

Showing on Wednesday at noon.

$5,000 non refundable fee that would be applied at closing.

You can call me or text at 4692020748.


Metropolitan Ave , Dallas, AL 75215

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