Advanced Rehab Cost Estimator

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Advanced rehab cost estimator powered by Kukun
  • Estimate costs based on labor & materials, cost-per-unit, or a flat fee
  • Organize costs by category
  • Create printable PDFs to show lenders or partners
  • Includes over 40 different categories of repairs, both interior and exterior
  • Track your spending and keep track of your budget

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One of the most important numbers to get right when analyzing a deal is the cost to rehab the property. But this complicated process has been made simple through the new Rehab Estimation Calculator!

Forget the guessing, the ugly spreadsheets, and lists of numbers. The BiggerPockets Rehab Estimation Calculator was created to simplify how you manage your property rehab project.

After doing the calculations, print out PDF reports that highlight the strengths of your deal, including the number and category breakdowns. Use this to give to potential lenders, partners, or buyers.

What Users are Saying

James Vermillion Photo
"I have used many rehab calculators to assist in analyzing potential rehab projects, but the BiggerPockets calculator tops them all. It is a hybrid calculator / report generator which not only calculates the important numbers every investor needs; it also generates a report that is perfect to show lenders, partners or investors. The calculator is user-friendly and can be used for basic calculations or to for more in-depth advanced analysis. Another BP tool for the ages!"
Jason Grote Photo
"With the addition of the Fix and Flip Analysis & Reporting Tool tool, the Pro account with has greatly increased in value. The tool is extremely simple and user-friendly and produces a very professional report that I can take to my money partner and fellow investors. I especially appreciate the ROI calculator and the Profit Table for 45, 90, & 270 days. This is not just another useless internet tool, but a powerful time and energy saver that every Fix n' Flip investor should have in their belt!"