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During these stressful times, it can be hard to find timely, informative and accurate content regarding the coronavirus. BiggerPockets is working hard to provide up-to-date information on how the virus is impacting the real estate market. Our expert investors are eager to share their experiences and guidance to help you weather this economic storm and keep your investments in rebound-ready shape.


Just released! Check out our newest guide, Recession Prep 101: Investing in Real Estate During a Financial Crisis and learn:

  • What to expect from the housing market throughout the rest of 2020 and comparisons between this downturn and the 2008 housing bubble.
  • How to protect your investments during a significant decline—including risk factors, ideal asset allocations, and opportunities specific to 2020.
  • Guidance for assessing today’s unique economy, including how to interpret the current commercial market, choosing asset classes, and understanding the broad factors affecting supply and demand.
  • Smart recession investment strategies that will position you for success once economic growth returns.

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Coronavirus Blog Content

How will coronavirus affect the real estate market? Check out these analyses from our team of experts:

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BiggerPockets members are actively discussing how the coronavirus can impact landlords, tenants, and the real estate market on the BiggerPockets Forums. Do you have thoughts to share? Follow these topics to stay up to date or contribute to the discussions:

Top Coronavirus Videos

The coronavirus is impacting the real estate market, especially for landlords and tenants. Our most helpful videos outline how people can come together to keep renters and owners safe without suffering financial damage.

(We’ve also rounded up the best coronavirus resources, which are important to keep in mind if you or your tenant is struggling to pay rent or your mortgage—or you’re just struggling in general.)

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COVID-19 Podcast Episodes

Keep updated with the latest coronavirus-related real estate information, even when you’re walking the dog. The following podcast episodes center around the coronavirus and its effect on the real estate market.

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