Real Estate Maps & Property Mapping Resources

We’ve found some great mapping resources to aid in your real estate & investing research. Search graphic, topo, satellite, arial photo, and hazard maps via these helpful resources.

Directory of Real Estate Map Resources

National Mapping Services

  • Bing Maps – National mapping and driving directions.
  • Digital Globe – Library of satellite imagery and maps
  • Google Maps – Map addresses around the U.S. graphically, or by satellite. Also driving directions.
  • MapQuest – National mapping and driving directions.
  • TerraFly – A public service of Florida International University sponsored by NSF (MII, MRI et al.) and by NASA, USGS, and IBM, TerraFly offers geospatial maps, parcel maps, demographic and countless other data points. RECOMMENDED SOURCE!
  • TerraServer – Search Aerial photo maps and Topo Maps across the US
  • USGS National Map Viewer – Offers visualizations of all eight primary themes of The National Map data sets, including US Topo and historical topographic map products.
  • Yahoo Maps – National mapping and driving directions.

3D Earth Viewing Software

  • Google Earth – 3D Earth-viewing software – Free Download
  • NASA World Wind – Open Source 3D Earth-viewing software developed by NASA that accesses NASA JPL database. Free download.

Hazard Mapping Resources

Water Mapping Resources

Assorted Mapping Resources

  • – Search national atlas for agricultural, biological, and geological resources. Also search crime, economic, energy, health, and population stats overlaid on maps.

    Photo: NASA