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I recently saw an article that talked about real estate clubs, and the different types that are out there. I’m not sure where I saw it, but I thought it was important to reiterate some of their points.

First, they mentioned that there are 2 types of clubs. The first club is basically a way for the founders to boost their egos. They usually base everything about themselves/their accomplishments and the goal is to sell their books, software, programs, etc. These are the bad clubs! Stay Away!

The second type of club is usually a learning & networking bonanza. These clubs have speakers who provide educational information on various subjects. They are usually comprised of people from all aspects of real estate who are looking to both network and learn. They exist to be a helpful outlet for local investors and professionals. These are the clubs you want to be a part of.

So . . . if you’re looking to get involved in a real estate club (which I highly recommend), check the club out before shelling out a years’ dues. Make sure you’re getting the second type of club. You’ll be sure to benefit and learn a ton!

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  1. That’s a good post and one that needs to be repeated like a mantra.

    I know this blog is USA based I’d like to make a plug for the New Zealand Property Investors’ Federation which is a non-profit lobby group. The local associations such as Auckland Property Investors Association aim to educate investors in running their investment business.

    Motivation comes into it and there is a commercial element with sponsors but in no way is it the hyped up sell-sell of the purely commercial ventures.


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