Meet the recycled house


recycled house
This recycled house is made of materials that previously had other uses. This is not just an enviormentally friendly idea, but money saving as well. Part riverboat, part army barracks, all cool!

If you’re thinking about developing or just setting up your own dream house, you can find plans at the Cool House Plans Company. They’ve got everything from garage, to luxury home, to traditional victorian plans.

If you’re bored and living in the Silicon Valley area, why not get involved in Monopoly in the Park? Reserve a chance to play on this 930 square foot board. A great idea for family reunions, field trips, company picnics, birthday parties, and corporate team building events.

While we’re on the whole gaming theme, why not kill some time trading properties for fun and win your dream house in the Mansion Impossible video game at You start with $100,000 Prices go up and down – you must sell for profits and build up enough cash to win the $100,000,000 Mansion.

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