Think You Have What it Takes to Rehab Houses?

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For all of you who want to be a rehabber, I found the article for you:
Flipping Houses: A Messy Business, written by the Fliperati, shows exactly why flipping isn’t for everyone, especially you neat freak, germaphobes. Lots of fun pics for everyone to see. The blog seems pretty cool too as it details his flipping adventures.

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  1. We bought an old house (circa 1905) and took our time fixing it up. In the end, we just couldn’t part with it and it became home. We have had numerous offers, but we put too much work into it to part. I don’t think that this is how “house-flipping” is supposed to work! 😉

  2. I have had that happen in the past as well and it is the most serious mistake I have made. “Never ever fall in love with your fixer”. You want to keep things on a professional scale and follow a plan.

    I lost 50K on the one I fell in love with.

    Since then I have done hundreds of remodels

    Short Sale properties make great flips after some rehab 🙂

  3. I remember the very first rehab work I did from the first foreclosure home I bought. I thought I would never get out of the clearing the junk mode. It was disgusting! I just have to keep motivating myself that there will light (ooops I mean cash at the of the tunnel).

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