10 Easy Ways to an Environmentally Friendly Home

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MSN Real Estate just published a great article about making your home “Earth-friendly“. It skips the basics like recycling and suggests 10 really easy methods for making your home green.

1. Green up your appliances.
2. Watch the temp.
3. Save water.
4. Clean green.
5. Let there be energy-efficient light.
6. Save a tree, use less paper.
7. Want hardwood floors? Opt for bamboo.
8. Reduce plastics, reduce global warming.
9. Use healthier paint.
10. Garden green.

This list has tons of great information that can make a real impact. I highly recommend reading the complete article, as it details all of the above points in a way you can easily understand and implement.

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  1. I strongly believe that everyone needs to start doing their part to be more environmentally responsible. It seems that we are just playing catch up but at least the movement is motivating. I work in the trade show industry and it ranks number 2 under construction and demolition for filling landfills. I am trying to persuade my customers to buy green trade show displays that are made out of environmentally friendly materials. These materials are basically recycled trash that when finished can be recycled again or if thrown away will break down faster than petroleum based products. I tell my customers that they are doing their part to help heal our sick planet. See if there is something you can change in your industry to start becoming green an deco friendly.

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