The House of the Future – A Tech Lovers Dream


Think your house is cool? BusinessWeek online posted a feature story on a Tech Lovers Dream Home, highlighting a house of the future. Wouldn’t we all love to get our hands on a programmable shower, bio-safes for our valuables, and who can live without The Protopulsion Dimension 3-D printer. Like fantasy items that have become part of everyday life, such as garbage disposals, dish washers, and plasma televisions, these futuristic gadgets could soon be things we can’t live without.

Check out the house of the future slideshow

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Joshua Dorkin

Joshua Dorkin (@jrdorkin, Google+) is the founder and CEO of BiggerPockets.


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    Just found your website and I’m looking forward to delving deeper into your archives. It looks like there is a lot of great information here.

    I’m starting my own blog on real estate investing in Canada, so its great to come across a site like yours for comparison and more information.

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