Could It Be:Real Estate Bargains?


Last year was an out and out bummer if you wanted to find yourself a real estate bargain.

As Dian Hymer says, writing for,the bargainless real estate market of a year ago was due in large measure to the fact that inventories of homes for sale reached record low levels.

But what a difference 12 looooong months can make. Buyers today, says Hymer, “have the luxury of choice.”

Still, Hymer’s posting reminds us that there are certain things we can do to make the real estate buying experience that much more enjoyable, and more important, that much more of a bargain.

For one thing, Hymer says, “In order to find a good deal, you need to be able to identify a fairly priced property when you see it.”   Okay, you ask, “How do I do that?” Easy, says Hymer in this primer on how to find a real estate bargain: You MUST learn everything you can about home values in the area you are looking in.

One other keen way to sort of create your own real estate bargain, she says, is “to research the listings that have been on the market a while without any offers.”

Makes sense,doesn’t it!

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  1. Randall Wilson on

    The time to buy rentals is finally upon us. While the appreciation of the past is gone for a while, those of us with the buy and hold philosophy are stocking up. For my group, we are looking at condos and high-rise apartment condos in beach communities and downtown San Diego. The area is significantly over-built and some of the builders are starting to make deals.


  2. Yes there’s quite an opportunity for Real Estate Bargains here in the Indianapolis Area. Our MIBOR says there’s over 20,000 active listings. Then if that’s not enough, this area is also one of the top foreclosure areas in the U.S. We are also considered one of the most affordable areas in comparison. We suffer from builders over-building and just wanting to move inventory. Know anyone that would like to buy in Indianapolis, I’d be more than glad to assist?

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