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lincoln honestThis is aimed at all the real estate and other webmasters out there . . .

Everyday we get countless link suggestions. People send all sorts of emails and SPAM to try and get their site listed on Today, someone filled out our suggest a site form with a link,, that had the most interesting description:

This is a fantastic and powerful website that has more information for consumers then any other website online.

While the site may be fantastic (I’m not in agreement on that either), I am going to have to disagree that it “has more information for consumers then any other website online.” What we’re looking at here is another case of false advertising. I am not writing this post to be mean, but to explain that your message matters.

Don’t OverHype Yourself or Your Website

When you go and make statements that are simply outrageous to market yourself, your site, or your product, you’re doing nothing but harm to your reputation. Stay on point and present the facts. Don’t go and claim to be the biggest or the best unless you really are! It detracts from the service you really want to provide.

I think the irony is that the site that is using this technique is called

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  1. Wait, wasn’t that the website that was created by a conglomeration of Albert Einstein, Alan Greenspan, and Jesus Christ? Cause it was pretty awesome…oh wait, that’s

  2. Well in the spirit of the post, let me introduce my own blog….

    Slogan: “It’s getting better” as part of my “Shiny Objects” approach. Join me now before my blogger template exceeds it’s character limit!

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