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real estate wiki launch
We’ve Just Launched the First TRUE Real Estate Wiki

I’m excited to share with everyone the launch of our Real Estate Wiki ! In an effort to continue to bring helpful tools and resources to the real estate community, we thought that a wiki devoted wholy to real estate would be a logical next step for

I’m sure you all are aware of Wikipedia — it is a user generated “encyclopedia” of knowledge covering all topics. Our goal is to build the Wikipedia of real estate. Not only will our wiki become a repository of real estate knowledge, but also of news, events, tutorials, and statistics.

Imagine a place where you could find pictures of a neighborhood, prices of homes in the area, crime stats, number of foreclosures, and more. Sounds pretty good, huh? Add to that definitions of important terms, copies of sample contracts, and any other bit of real estate info, and you’ve got an extremely useful resource.

Who Can Add To or Edit Wiki Pages?

Currently, anyone can just start adding information. For now, we do not require registration, but if the need arises, we can change this. We ask for your participation in the creation of this resource. Are you an expert in a particular area of real estate? Share your knowledge! Do you know about foreclosure rates for different towns, cities, or states? Share your knowledge!

The possibilities are pretty remarkable of what we can do if everyone starts to help out!

Exploring and participating in the real estate wiki costs nothing. If there is a topic that contains no information or incomplete information, anyone can just get involved and fill in the details!

Stop by and start adding new information, real estate listings, and more!

Please note that we’re currently in the first stage of the roll out (what many websites would call “Beta”), so expect to see some changes. We’re counting on your feedback in this project, so if you have anything to say, please let me know (josh at biggerpockets dot com).

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