Carnival of Real Estate Investing #4 Advice for Agents and Investors


Last time we hosted a carnival, it stirred up a bit of controversy. Today, we’re announing the winners of a different Carnival – The Carnival of Real Estate Investing 4th Edition. There were many good submissions that investors and agents will find helpful – here are the best of the best:

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For Real Estate Investors

  1. Michael Emilio, a Realtor, writes a good basic article explaining How to Wholesale Real Estate to Make Quick Cash. This article was written for the total newbie, who wants to find out what wholesaling is. It presents good info, but does not get into enough detail to actually get anyone started.
  2. Nick Gifford reviews 3 pieces of software that landlord investors will find useful in Rental Tracking Software. There are a few that I’d add to his list, but they are all worh a look.
  3. Steve Burns writes a fantastic piece advising investors of the benefits of their County Assessor’s Office in The MOST Effective Tool an Investor Can USE!. I completely agree with Steve on this one! If you don’t know about your assessor’s office, the time to find out is NOW!
  4. In Keeping A Bad Tenant Can Delay An Expense, Anesia Springborn talks about a section 8 horror story where a tenant just trashed one of her units. The post is a great one, however I would like to pass on some advice to help avoid this situation. Always inspect your units when purchasing a property, especially when the tenants are section 8. In addition, I recommend holding periodic inspections for these tenants as well. If they aren’t living up to their end of the deal – taking care of your apartment – let them go! I feel your pain Anesia – been there – done that! Good luck!

For Real Estate Agents

  1. In Working Effectively with Real Estate Investors, Derek Burress talks about working with real estate investors from the agent’s point of view. With advice like “cut his investor client part of his or her commission as a way to ensure that with each new transaction, that their client is getting a great deal”, it sounds like Derek has worked with some of us before!

There were several other submissions that did not make the carnival – I felt that these 5 were of much more value to the real estate investing world. I would like to note that there were also some SPAM submissions this week . . . looks like the spammers are now trying to infiltrate the carnival circuit. (I loathe SPAMMERS!)

Thanks for having me as a host and stay tuned for next week’s carnival on December 18th at Mortgage Manifest!

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