Don’t Just Buy a Home, Buy an Island!

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Looking for your own place under the sun? Do you want to find a nice home to settle down in? Sick of crowded city-living?

Why just buy a home when you can buy your own private island!

island for sale

Private Islands Online is a fantastic resource that will let you find your Dream Island!

The site has islands for sale and for rent around the world. Surfing the site, you’ll see that it is easy to navigate, and with both the ability to search by geographic region and by price, you’ll find yourself quickly browsing through dozens of fantastic islands.

vacation islandsFrom the 2.3 Acre Carbonera Island in Venice Italy (only 4.5 million Euros) to the 0.8 acre Davis Island in Nova Scotia, Canada ($27,900 Canadian), there is a wonderful assortment of islands for anyone’s budget.

Have a look. Even if you don’t plan on actually buying an island, you can at least dream, right?

Or . . . go out and buy yourself your own Fantasy Island for the holidays!

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  1. love that website, i read that many islands in French Polynesia (the cheapest ones on there) are inexpensive due to many nuclear tests they have run under sea in the area… so watch out!

  2. Another great resource for private islands is Vladi Private Islands. I believe they are the largest island brokerage house in the world. Only issue I have had with them is since they are located in Germany, they can be difficult corresponding with.

  3. I have been enjoying browsing that site for years! I saw one on there a few years ago and it was an amazing deal for $750,000, but I had no idea how to go about buying an island and it would have taken all my available cash, so I just kept watching. Not that much later they found fresh water on it and it jumped to $2.5 million. Oh well. At least there are a bunch of really affordable ones for when I decide to go for it.

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