What Are Your Real Estate Goals for 2007? – Group Writing Project


2007 real estate goalsAs 2006 comes to a close, we all start thinking about our resolutions for 2007. Why wait until next year to figure out what you want to accomplish in the coming year. Any business adviser worth his salt will tell you that goal-setting is of the utmost importance when running a business. As we all know, any endeavor in real estate is an endeavor in business. With that in mind, lets all start to set our Real Estate Goals for 2007!

I’m going to borrow an idea from Ben and announce the Real Estate Goal Group Writing Project for 2007.

If we can share our goals with one another, we can hold each other accountable to them.

We will be randomly giving away prizes (more on prizes) to participants in the group writing project, so you’ve now got incentive to participate!

Announcing the 2007 Real Estate Goals Group Writing Project

The contest is open to anyone who wants to participate. We hope to hear about goals of every kind, from people in all facets of real estate: investors, home owners, renters, agents, lenders, architects, decorators, contractors, etc!

  • Write at least one post on your blog discussing Your Real Estate Goals of 2007 between Monday, December 25 and Saturday December 30, 2006 Friday, January 5, 2007 (project end date). Any entries recieved after that date will not be eligible for a prize.
  • This post can be in any form you’d like (photo essay, list, etc.), and in any language you like. Be creative!
  • Post a link to this post (Note: BiggerPockets is one word) (And feel free to use the image in this post.)
  • Tag your post (for Technorati – not necessary, though), “BiggerPockets goals”. This will help us track the various posts.
  • Email me to let me know about your post [josh (at) biggerpockets.com]. Be sure to include in your message your name, the post title, and the post url
  • We will include at least 2 links to your post on our blog; there will be a master list of all submissions (TBA)

We’re hoping to spread this project to the entire Real Estate Blogging Community, and to everyone else who is remotely involved in real estate! Help get the word out! Visit the posts of your fellow writers and get involved in their blog. (Master List of Entries) Post a comment and say hi. Discuss their goals. Hold them accountable!

The list of prizes thus far includes various gifts. Thanks to:

  • Jeff Byer of Print Fellas for donating 100 business cards, valued at $25.
  • Michael Mulrooney for donating a signed copy of his book, The Real Truth about Real Estate Investing valued at $30.00
  • “Roni” M. Wilcox for donating a Free Rehab Project Planning CD valued at $49.95.
  • Mike Schendel for donating $60 worth of electronic product online, including 1) The Spill Zone (e-book), Author Ed Ross 2) Audio electronic “Navigating the Market Series” (40 minutes) and 3. An assortment of Bonus Gifts.
  • Michael Price for tossing in a free Video Podcast & Set Up Fee from MLPodcast.Com, valued at $79.90.

Note: If anyone has a prize that they want to donate to this contest, let me know! If you donate a prize, you will get publicity for that prize, and we will mention you throughout our posts for the contest!

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Joshua Dorkin

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  1. Wow Lenn,
    How neat that you can capture my picture…

    And, yes, it’s that time of year. I also will be doing my 2007 real estate predictions. That’s always fun seeing how close I come to reality.

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  7. Great idea Josh, you must have been reading my mind…or me reading yours. Actually had a business meeting today to discuss our goals. Will come up with a list of our goals before midnight tomorrow. You have also inspired me to start a Real Estate blog on our Real Estate directory Realtyreferenceonline.com. I will hopefully get that up tomorrow AM.
    Thanks and Happy New Year everyone.

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  9. Hey Adam, I now know your spinning head so well that it makes it easier to read your mind! Everyone I’ve talked to so far who has set their goals for next year feels a weight has been lifted. They are now determined and motivated to get going when the holidays are over.

    Good luck!

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  16. Every year I make up a goal pak for my friends and family. I use it too.

    Personal convictions can be supplanted with FEAR…(False Expectations Appearing Real). This year, my inner critic, the voice inside my head, said “why bother talking about goals, people have their own agendas and methods, your getting old and this approach is too low tech and out of touch in this high tech world where there are hundreds of web sites devoted to goals and self help programs” so I didn’t bother to pass them out.

    “Uh Dad, you know that “Goal Thing” you made up before. I was wondering if you still had one and if I could get a copy”, my son asked in a recent conversation. Wow, I thought to myself. The seeds I planted have taken root. The kid didn’t think his old man was such a sap after all. Then my wife said, “Ya, I want one of those too.” I felt the air at the top of Maslow’s pyramid blow through my psyche.

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  19. While there have been better markets in the past than 2007 has been so far, in Kentucky, its still a great time to make a purchase if you are planning on moving/upgrading in the next few years.

  20. Congratulations to the winners. 2007 hasn’t been the “bang up” year that a lot of people were hoping for – but I’m optimistic that the last half of the year will be a start toward the good ole days.

  21. Neil Simmons on

    Oh no, I’ve missed it. Will you be doing another one, I often write real estate articles for the Bangkok Post (Thailands leading english language newspaper) and would quite like to participate in this.

  22. The US recession will impact other parts of the world but I’m not worried. I have an estate agency in Bangkok and a lot of my clients are foreign buyers looking to invest overseas. With the US property market doing so badly at the moment, a lot of people are turning to Asia to make property investments.

  23. Peter Bland on

    The problem you face Lyn is that the Thai Baht is now getting much stronger against the dollar, so property prices are more in Thailand than they used to be.

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