The 14 Coolest Real Estate Stories of 2006


We went surfing through Digg to find the most popular real estate stories from the last year. Here are the 14 coolest real estate stories that we could find among the masses of submissions:

  1. The next real estate boom
    ” Picture the scene: it’s 2025, and you and your family are living in a beautiful, leafy-green village that seems more 19th century than 21st, even though it has only been in existence for ten years and is just 20 miles from a major American city.”
  2. Photos of 100 Rooms, each 100 Square Feet in Size in Hong Kong Public Housing
    This photo-montage of 100 tiny apartment rooms was a very popular topic.
  3. Super Tree Houses
    Check out the coolest tree houses you’ll ever see!
  4. The 7 Coolest Web 2.0 Real Estate Sites
    We picked the 7 coolest real estate web 2.0 sites back in April. Low and behold, this was to become one popular post.
  5. Craigslist to charge fees for real estate listings
    This strategy, which has taken place in selected cities, must have brought a ton of cash to the Craigslist crew and Craig Newmark.
  6. The End for 6% Realtors?
    With the advent of new companies like Redfin and great new technologies, will full price real estate agents kick the bucket?
  7. For the first time in the U.S., asking price for a house tops $100 million
    Donald Trump’s $125 million Palm Beach home broke the $100 million barrier for the first time in US history. Ironically, the price was soon thereafter Trumped!
  8. The Greenest Office in America
    Adobe has turned its headquarters into a towering example of environmentalism – and is saving millions of dollars in the process.
  9. 3 Million Bees Removed From Kitchen Of Couple’s Apartment
    A south Florida couple was happy to not be sharing their home with millions of bees. Jesus Molina said he and his girlfriend were ready to buzz off after a swarm of bees invaded the kitchen wall of their Miami Beach apartment. (video)
  10. Dubai Dominates Global Architecture with Tallest Building and More
    Dubai, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has been at the forefront of global architecture and is in the process of building the world’s tallest building, amongst other things.
  11. Green Buildings are all the rage in New York City
    “They are not yet as ubiquitous as the Toyota Prius, the hybrid car popular among the ecologically minded, but “green” apartment buildings have begun popping up around Manhattan.”
  12. The World’s Smallest Apartment
    Imagine living in the world’s smallest apartment. . . this thing is tiny! (photo)
  13. 15 Common Renter’s Rights
    “You don’t have to be expert in landlord-tenant law to protect yourself. Just brush up on your rights — and read your lease before signing the dotted line.”
  14. Tenant Leaves Behind 70,000 Beer Cans
    Imagine walking in on your apartment after your tenant moves out and finding 70,000 cans! (photo)

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  1. The article, “The End for 6% Realtors,” sounds like things are going to be changing all around for realtors. I believe in this days and age you have to have residual income. As it relates to real estate, you’ll have to do more work to make what you used to make.

    I know of one particular company that has taken real estate to a whole new level and residual income is what the future of this industry is coming down to.

    It’s definitely worth a look and we all have to change strategies as the environment changes.

  2. This is a great end-of-year list. I just finished getting through it. My favorite was the treehouse for $93,000. Wish I could see some photos of the inside as well.

    I’m saving the photos to see if I can do something along the same line, but more modest; hopefully I can get close for a couple of thousand dollars if I do the work myself.

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