More Honors Bestowed Upon Us During Blogging Award Season


Copyright 2006 Joshua Dorkin - Lantau Island, Hong KongThis has been an interesting past few weeks. I guess the blogging world is pre-empting the entertainment business with its awards season. This blogging award season has been kind to us so far, as I’ve been blessed with some very generous honors that I thought you’d like to hear about.

First, as many of you already know, we were nominated in two categories for the 2007 Real Estate Blogging Awards. The nomination alone was wonderful, and it helps inspire me to continue with the mission of this blog. I think today is that last day to vote, so if you haven’t done so already, you should.

This morning, I opened my email to see a message from a great blogger who many of you are already familiar with, Teresa Boardman. She told me that I should take a look at her blog, as I was named one of her 10 good men. It is quite an honor, and I’ve found myself in some wonderful company.

Here is a blurb from her site:

“As I announced last week the St. Paul Real Estate Blog would like to recognize 10 good men who have consumer oriented blogs, today I present 9 good men. My origional criteria was that the blogs should be at least six months old, post on a regular basis and that the content be consumer oriented and “low ego”. The six month requirement was removed because blogs are still new in our industry, and a few good men would have been left out. I could write an entire post about each of our winners and maybe some day I will.

So here are 10 very good men

Josh Dorkin – Real Estate Investing For Real, The BiggerPockets blog is among the top 5 in the nation, with advice and news for everyone interested in real estate. Amazingly low in ego considering the size and reach of the blog. Josh is a very nice person and is a good net citizen, helping and encouraging other blog writers.”

As I mentioned in my comments on her blog post, I have been humbled by this wonderful honor. It does mean a lot to me. I did think that it was worthwhile to mention the other bloggers in the list, as they are all worthy:

Larry Cragun –Mortgages Undressed & RealEstateUndressed
Jonathan Miller –Matrix Blog
Doug Quance – Brokers First Realty Atlanta
Alex Stenback – Behind the Mortgage
Norm FisherSaskatoon Real Estate (Check out Pimp my Igloo!)
Noah Roseblatt – Urban Diggs
Ed Rybczynski – Title-Opoly
Erik Hare

I feel like many bloggers don’t have enough focus on the consumer, and I’m happy that I’m not alone in this. Its great to see these other guys really doing their thing. Congrats to the rest of you as well for all your work!

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