A Few (really crappy) Real Estate Domains You Could have Had


A few months ago I was going to write a post here about the worst real estate domains that no one owns. When I came upon the scrap of paper that had my notes written on it earlier today, I was surprised to see that a few of them were actually taken. I felt a bit better to see that it appears as though the people who now own these prize sites are nothing but domain speculators.

Here are the sites you could have had (DAMN! I really wanted myhouseisugly.com!):


These winners are still available if anyone is interested:


Anyone else know of any really crappy real estate domains that are available?

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  2. I was going to start a site called buyitandburnitRE.com on a premise of being a fake real estate brokerage company who encourages buyers to ‘Buy it and Burn it down’ so the company can make the commissions and help you “get your property” back from the insurance loss.

    “Buy it and burn it down Real Estate services includes a free molotov cocktail with every closed transaction.”

    I decided not to because the bubble was popping and our companies lawyer insisted that I should not in any way, whether or whether or not a joke encourage it. However it would have been hilarious.

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