Ever Wonder Why People Move to Denver?


Imagine scenery like this in the City of Los Angeles . . . I don’t think so!

Copyright 2007 Joshua Dorkin - Denver in Springtime
Shot March 16, 2007 while on a hike in Denver

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  1. Why not leave the beauty of Colorado unmarred? As a native Californian I’am shocked when I see how much overdevelopment is underway and transforming the landscape into a suburban nightmare! You love Colorado because of it’s mountains, trees and wildlife but guess what? It won’t exist anymore if you keep ripping it down and screwing it up! You’ll just turn it into another unlivable craphole like California. Is that what you really want?

  2. Lily and Vicki – Thanks for your messages. The photo was taken at Cherry Hills I think?
    EFxman – How am I marring the beauty of Colorado – by taking a hike outdoors? Am I destroying it by sharing it with everyone? Sadly, you are right about one thing. Overdevelopment is destroying many of the natural wonders this and other countries have to offer. While living in Los Angeles is difficylt, you have to be out of your mind if you call California a craphole. There is so much beautiful territory on Cali if you just get out of the urban grind.

    Please explain how I have ripped down Colorado in my 6 weeks here. Thanks!

  3. Hi guys,
    I currently live in Montreal, Canada. I’ll move to Denver in 2009 because I’m looking for more sunshine, real size mountains, fresh air and mild weather and a young urban city ! I really believe Colorado has a lot to offer for snowboarders like us, mountain bikers, hikers and nature lovers. East coast is fine, and I’m looking for more in Denver.
    see you there !!!

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