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For anyone who is unfamiliar with a blog carnival, I will try to explain briefly. Carnivals were created so bloggers writing about a similar topic can get increased exposure for their articles. The host of the carnival rotates, so anyone interested in hosting has the opportunity to do so.

We’ve hosted several carnivals in the past and elected to do so again, this time for the Carnival of Real Estate Investing. I believe the purpose of this carnival is to share information about real estate investing, or articles focused on investors. Sadly, I find that most submissions are just general pieces about real estate, mortgage fraud, sub-prime lenders, etc. This carnival is focused on investors, so I shall only share those posts that I believe are focused on investors.

  • Michael Cook writes a great piece on being persistant in Persistence: The Investors Greatest Tool, where he focuses on dealing with both tenants and contractors. Good advice for anyone looking to be in the field of real estate investing!
  • The mysterious Victor (no last name) shares his post, The Importance of Rental Property Depreciation, which reminds all of the landlords out there to claim depreciation on their rental properties every year. Again, solid advice for any landlord.
  • Paul (another with no last name) tells us about a situation that a few investors will deal with in Life Estate and IRS liens, where he came upon a property that in researching the title, was revealed to be in a Life Estate. This situation, while uncommon, does come up from time to time. The post gives a good look at these Life Estates.
  • Henrik Edberg provides some outstanding motivation in his Positivity Blog’s Why Some People Almost Always Are Successful. I’m not going to paraphrase it. Just read it! It will certainly bring some perspective to having a positive mental attitude in investing!
  • While Andrea Dickson’s How to Avoid Foreclosure focuses on the typical homeowner and not the investor, it does have quite a few good points about dealing with properties when you start to fall behind (something quite a few investors deal with when stretching themselves too thin). It is certainly worth a look!
  • The last piece that I’m going to cover is from the Silicon Valley Blogger and is titled, 3 Top Reasons Why People Go Bankrupt. The reason I’m sharing this one is that, sadly, many real estate investors decide to stretch themselves to thin. They get addicted to buying property and finance one off another off another and so on. When one domino falls, so do the rest. The article talks about foolish mistakes and lack of preparation being 2 of the 3 causes, and these all apply when investing as well.

I hope you’ve all found these posts to be helpful, as they do all apply to investing in one way or another.

To those people who were left out of the carnival, I am renound as a stickler when it comes to Carnival hosting. You all wrote well, but did not, in my humble opinion, focus on the target audience of the carnival, the investor.

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