Taking a Day Off in Boulder, Colorado


After working hard for the past few days, I decided to take a day off and check out the wonderous city of Boulder, Colorado. I can definitely see why people move there and never leave . . .

© 2007 Joshua Dorkin
The Boulder Foothills

© 2007 Joshua Dorkin
In the foothills overlooking to Continental Divide

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  1. rudolph d. bachraty III on

    hi joshua!

    ok, now i’m jealous. the scenery in boulder is amazing. it’s most certainly on my list of places to visit in the near future. thanks for sharing the pics.



  2. wait! do you live in colorado?
    i just started reading your blog due to my newly found real estate obsession.
    we will be moving to denver in august…and will be looking to buy a hous there once we figure out exactly where we wanna be, what we can afford (don’t have jobs there yet).

  3. Jim, I’ve heard great things about the FlatIrons. I will certainly try to get over there once this crazy Blizzard goes away (we’ve gotten 6 inches since midnight here in Denver!)

    Risa, I am located in Colorado, and congrats on your new real estate obsession. Please feel free to ask me about Denver – I can provide a newbie’s perspective for sure! Be sure to check out the rest of what BiggerPockets has to offer by visiting http://www.biggerpockets.com !

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