Weird & Interesting Real Estate Stories: Old, Green, Fixers


Let start with the Old.

In the UK, a 102 Year old man was just granted a 25 year mortgage on a property! I have to say that that is one determined real estate investor!

Everyone is talking about the environment and green living today, right?

The big environmental controversy lately has been about John Edwards and John Travolta’s huge energy deficient mansions. They both talk about living green, but are they all talk? I’m not here to debate that, but if either one of them owned the first certifiably green mansion, the debate would stop pretty fast! (take the tour of the eco-manor on the link).

What’s so cool about fixers?

Well, ever thought about what would happen to your home if it were in an earthquake? If you live in California, I can guarantee that you have! With that in mind, how cool would it be if you could buy a house that fixes itself? It is starting to look like that day may actually come sometime soon!

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  1. A house that fixes itself? That is interesting and rather scary at the same time. I really like the 102 year old guy though, he obviously already knows more than most of us so why not think he could live another 25 years?

  2. I seriously worry about the ethics of lending to a 102 yo man. The lenders know that within a very short space of time this mortgage is going to have to be unwound when the guy dies and then they will be picking up their redemption and exit fees.

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