The Most Popular Real Estate Sites by Number of Bookmarks


I was curious about what some of the most popular real estate websites were and went to to find out. The reason I choose instead of Google for results is that many people (myself included) feel that it gives better results than the monster of search.

Some of the Top 7 Real Estate Sites According to

  1. Zillow
    Tags: realestate home house estate real-estate (Saved by 8218 people)
  2. Trulia
    Tags: realestate search maps web2.0 googlemaps (Saved by 2706 people)
  3. HousingMaps
    Tags: housing maps craigslist googlemaps google (Saved by 3731 people)
  4. Rentometer
    Tags: rent realestate housing tools maps (Saved by 1769 people)
  5. Curbed
    Tags: nyc realestate blog architecture blogs (Saved by 850 people)
  6. PropSmart
    Tags: realestate marketing listings real estate maps (Saved by 498 people)
  7. CyberHomes
    Tags: housevalue realestate zillow appraisal (Saved by 124 people)

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