Stop Being the Scourge of the Neighborhood! Don’t Let Weeds Overwhealm Your Property

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Every once in a while something bothers me enough to mention it here on our blog. Once again, I find myself annoyed.

As many of you know, I recently moved to Denver, CO. Since I did it in the wintertime, I did not have the opportunity to see what kind of neighbors I was dealing with, horticulturally, of course. Sadly, as spring has arrived, so have my headaches.

dandelion weeds
Actual Photo From Neighbor’s Lawn

It appears as though two of the homes surrounding mine are infested with Dandelions.
I realize that people have the right to keep their property in as good or as bad a condition as they please, but allowing easily spreadable weeds to overrun your property presents a problem to everyone in the neighborhood.

If you’re presented with a dandelion problem similar to mine, you really only have a few solutions:

  1. Talk to your neighbor and ask them to take care of the problem
  2. Get your neighbors to approach those people as a group and ask them to fix the problem
  3. If you’re in an HOA, report them to the board
  4. Spray their lawns with chemicals or pick the weeds yourself

None of these are simple solutions. Some people just don’t give a damn.

I’m going to go with solution #1 for my problem. Hopefully I will see positive results. If anyone has any other thoughts or solutions to add, please feel free to comment.

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  1. I like a lawn covered with dandelions. It feeds the finches.

    When I see a big expanse of green lawn, all I can think about it all the water, pesticides and decimation of life it requires.

    Just mentioning this as an alternative to your thought that your neighbors are lazy/thoughtless because they don’t landscape the same way you do.

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