Ready to Get Ripped Off? Bid on this Real Estate website


Got ya! We’re not selling BiggerPockets (but would consider any serious 7 figure offers). I had to point out something that came across my desk that I thought was nothing short of rediculous. I got an unsolicited email from someone selling the website

Here is the message:

This One-of-a-Kind Website Domain is For Sale.

The perfect website name for anyone interested in the hottest Real Estate Market we have seen in years.

Your purchase also includes… … for Canadian branding, and we can
assist you in creating your website.

If interested in discussing price email us at… EMAIL REMOVED

or click on the eBay link below…

Ebay Link

While this is innocent enough, I decided to have a look at the Ebay Auction. I couldn’t believe my eyes!

This guy has the nerve to sell an un-established, un-remarkable, 0 PR, 0 backlink website with a whopping starting bid of $100,000.00 !

I realize that I am providing free publicity for this guy, but I just had to share. In case you forgot, I once shared other crappy real estate sites you could own. While this is not that crappy, it certainly is a rip-off of unimaginable proportions!

If you don’t find this unreasonable, we have raised the price on this website since starting this post. We are now taking offers for for the low, low price of $100,000,000! BUY BUY BUY!

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  1. Shaun McLane on

    So funny. With all the UK lotteries I’ve won over the past month, I should have plenty to buy that site, and a few more like it. (For those of you lucky enough not to understand what I’m talking about….it’s spam)

  2. Thats pretty funny. 10 million dollars? [Solicitations Removed from comments from Admin. Please comment without trying to market or sell stuff to us all everyone! It seems like every other comment made needs to be edited because it is some kind of pitch.] Also good luck with the blog…10 million is a lot of money.

  3. Caitlynn Cheery on

    LOL. This post made me laugh. The owners of that domain name would be lucky to get bids on it. It’s a wonder where people get ideas like that, hoping that someone would be stupid enough to bite the bait.

  4. I’ll bet the BP domain is now worth a LOT more than it was when you first posted this. Though $100 Million is still probably a lot for the domain, it’s probably worth a good chunk now. I wonder how owning a domain would factor into someone’s net worth… It also ends up being similar to how the Coke brand is worth more than the company itself. Domains are seen as some as the real estate of the internet. Might be worth looking into one of these days.


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