The Whitener & Flynn Properties Management Saga Continues

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Josh’s Money Held Captive by Whitener & Flynn Properties, LLC – Day 17

When I last wrote about my previous property management company, Whitener & Flynn Properties LLC, I let everyone know that we had opened a private discussion area for owners affected by this situation. Since then, many of the property owners who have been affected by this company’s closure have jumped on board.

To my surprise, early this week I was called by Amber Flynn & Travis Whitener, partners in the company, and they told me that I would be getting a check for the money owed me by today at the latest.

I’m sure it comes to no surprise to any of you who have been following this little saga, that I haven’t gotten a thing.

If anyone actually receives their money, let us all know.

The first person who guesses the correct date that I get my money will get a free BiggerPockets T-Shirt
Take a guess – you’ve got nothing to lose . . . . and, if this keeps up – nothing to gain either!

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  1. Free Biggerpockets T-shirt? Wait a minute you got T-shirts? I’ve been waiting for them be come up in the store, but I all I see is hats. Are you holding out on us Josh? Put me down for three larges when you start selling them.

    I’ll put in my guess of August 6th, 2007. I’ve got some hope that they’ll make it right. I’m naive that way.

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