Halloween Sign of the Times: Half-Trillion Dollar Beasts and Google Monsters


google monsterKiss those stodgy old companies goodbye . . . I just saw something that blew my mind a bit and I thought I’d share. Below is a list of the largest US Companies By Market Capitalization.

Other than seeing that there is now a beast of a business with a whopping half-trillion dollar market-cap (Exxon Mobil), take a look at what is now the fifth largest company in the US. That’s right, the Google Monster has eclipsed most of the largest corporations in the United States to become the most valuable advertising company ever (we might be talking orders of magnitude here)! While Google is more than a mere ad-machine, virtually all of its revenues are derived from advertising, so I’ll call a spade a spade here.

Not only has it climbed the American charts, but this World Idol is now in the Top 20 list of the World’s largest companies.

Here’s a look at our largest American Corporations in market-cap (in billions of dollars-US – data as of 10/30/07)

Exxon Mobil $509.76
General Electric $415.89
Microsoft Corp. $327.86
AT&T $251.93
Procter & Gamble $214.65
Google Inc. $216.92
Bank of America $211.24
Citigroup $208.93

It all just blows my mind a bit and I felt like sharing.

There is a lot of talk out there about people fearing Google. With 75% of the search market, the company has a monopoly over information at home and abroad. They can, in a single stroke, bring fortune, or misery to any website, or blog.

Do you think Google has grown to be too big for its britches? Do you fear Google?

Please share your thoughts and enjoy your Halloween!

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