Sunday Real Estate Wrap-Up – March 2, 2008


Daffodils by Thiru MuruganMarch is here and what else can I say about this past week other than — things aren’t looking good for the US. The cost of real goods continues to rise, with the price of everything from gasoline, oil, food, and commodities all continuing to climb at alarming rates.

Gold hit a new high near $980 an ounce, and crude oil set an all-time high of above $103 a barrel – both beating the real-terms peaks reached in 1979-80. Many traders believe that gold at $1,000 an ounce is now well within reach. – The Independent

Additionally, weakness in the dollar has driven the Euro to a record high of $1.5238 on Friday. While tourism and exports have increased, is this buoying the overall economy? It doesn’t look that way.

Lets leave all that behind for a little while and have a look at some of the interesting stories out there from this week:

Cool BiggerPockets Mentions

  • NuWire Investor named BiggerPockets to its list of the Top 10 Real Estate Blogs, placing is in the company of some other great sites including Matrix and Business Week’s Hot Property.
  • The Go Beyond MLS Blog also listed BiggerPockets in their list of top 10 blogs, and analyzes one of the factors that may influence popularity – frequency of posts.

Other quick reads for the week:

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  1. Kenneth Fach on

    If we can keep things local, like the economy, we would have more prosperity. I think globalism had created more financial disparity among people. Look at history, and before globalism, there was more properity and more small businesses in proportion to today. Life was simpler too. Complexity has its costs.

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