Everything Is Getting Better: A Real Estate Fairy Tale


I’ve decided to lie to you. At least, I’m being honest about it!

I have grown tired of reporting weekly, it seems, on the ever expanding, contracting global credit market and the resultant deep recession the U.S. currently finds itself on the cusp of.

Americans, perhaps more than people anywhere, love being in denial. We deny we are getting fatter and fatter by eating McDonald’s 15 pounders; we deny that our kids are getting dumber and dumber even if high school seniors often can’t point to the U.S. on a world map; and, we deny that we are in denial, even though we clearly are…about a lot of things.

So, why not be in denial about the alleged mortgage/credit crisis (note, I said, alleged!!).

Here Goes

Home prices are now actually at an all time high! I know, if you read “the news” you’ll be told that prices of existing single family homes fell another 2.6 percent in February for an annual decline of 12.7 percent.

Just deny it!

That’s right.Who is to say that “facts” have to screw up your day? Ignore “the news” and, take a page from George W.–just keep saying things are getting better and they will…for him.

What’s that? You say you read that consumer confidence has fallen to a five year low this month? Nonsense.

Just deny it!

It will go away. We don’t have to face any “fact” we think will make us loose sleep. Just keep telling yourself–and others–that consumer confidence is at a 175 year high!. There, doesn’t that feel better? Of course it does.

The cost of food, medical care and gas going up,up and away? No freaking way!!!

Just deny it!

In fact, convince youself food prices are lower now than anytime since the turn of the century–the 20th century; that everyone has health insurance that even pays for free liposuction; and, that Saudi Arabia has decided to donate a decade’s worth of free gas and oil to each and every American simply because they can!

Bet you REALLY feel better now!

Yes you do!!! Don’t deny it!

About Author

Charles is currently reporting for KNX Radio in Los Angeles, is the co-author of the book No Time To Think, and can be found commenting about the news on his blog, The Feldman Blog, as well as on The Huffington Post.


  1. Tom –
    It is indeed a real estate blog. From time to time our contributors make commentary on other things that are related, such as the economy.

    I see that you also have what I’d call a real estate blog. In it I see that only a few days ago you made a post where you shared quotes about the devil. ( http://blog.metro-real-estate.com/?p=314 ). Do those have anything to do with real estate?

    Before coming to another blog and discounting the posts with your comments, perhaps you should be sure that your site isn’t doing the same thing that you’re discounting elsewhere.

  2. Point taken, Joshua, though I would note that the quotes you refer to on my blog are a regular feature (not always related to the Devil) that just throws a little diversity into the daily postings. My point in my previous comment, which I did not artfully make, was that the post seemed to me more politically slanted than business or real estate oriented and was one I would expect to find in a different forum.

    No disparagement of the author or his writing was intended.

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