BiggerPockets is 20,000 Members Strong and Growing!

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What can I say but thank you!

What started less than 4 years ago as a personal website about real estate investing, is now fast becoming a nationally recognized internet brand.

A few minutes ago, registered its 20,000th Member

I couldn’t have imagined when I was just starting this website that we’d come so far. It has been a great ride, and I derive so much pleasure knowing that we’ve helped so many of our MILLIONS of visitors over the years!

We’re Just Getting Started!

While 20,000 members and well over 100,000 monthly visitors may sound great, we’re just getting started! BiggerPockets has quite a few tricks still hidden under its sleeves, and with every new release, we only hope to help serve our members further.

In the next week we’re planning on releasing a few great new features to help our goal of improving real estate networking, education, and dealmaking for our members, and we’ve got even more cool updates coming shortly thereafter!

Our long-term plans (I could tell you about them, but I’d have to . . . . well, you know) include some very exciting updates over the next several months and years, and hopefully will continue to generate enthusiasm and interest from folks from every corner of the real estate world.

Thank You

To everyone who has supported me and BiggerPockets, I thank you. The site couldn’t be where it is today without your help, and I am so appreciative for your time and energy. Specifically, there are a few key people who I wanted to thank here: Julie, Charles, James, Jon, Rob, Edd, Steve, all of our moderators, blog contributors, advertisers, joint venture partners, members, and of course, our visitors – Thank You!

Well . . . enough for now. I’ve got to get back to work! There’s No Time to Think if we’re going to get to 50,000, 100,000, 1,000,000 members soon . . .

About Author

Joshua Dorkin

Joshua Dorkin (@jrdorkin, Google+) founded when he saw a need for free, trustworthy information about real estate investing online. Over the past 12 years, Josh has grown the site from self-funded hobby to full-time job and passion. Today, BiggerPockets brings together over 850,000 members, housing the world’s largest library of real estate content, iTunes’ #1 real estate podcast, and an array of analysis tools, all geared toward helping users succeed.


  1. Congratulations!!! 20 Thousand is an awesome number. Think: With 20 thousand people you could-
    1)Invade a small country
    2)Start a political party—that works
    3)Create your own currency
    4)Establish a colony on Mars
    5)Get lots of gifts for your birthday
    6)Start a small fund to bail out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac
    7)Run for President–now there’s an idea!!!!

    And think. When you get to 40 thousand members, you’ll be able to capture New Jersey and establish it as the world’s first nation for real estate investors.


  2. LimbaughSucks on

    Congrats Josh and Bigger Pockets!!

    20,000 Members and growing every day.

    I am honored to have been mentioned ans continue to support the site and the membership.

    Thanks again,

    James C

  3. Colin - Florida Property on

    You must be very proud. I’m in the process of setting up a blog and if I have even a fraction of the success you have, I’ll think I’ve done a great job. Well done.

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